SOLOVE N2-S review: hand warmers, powerbank and torch for 20 €!

xiaomi solove review

Xiaomi in the last period we have become accustomed to various smart products that can help us against the cold. Among these we find the 90Fun jacket and Cotton Smith sleeveless that we have told you in the past weeks.

Today we offer you a short but interesting review ofl SOLOVE N2-S, a warmers which also works like Powerbank da 4000 mAh and how torch.

SOLOVE N2-S review: the 3 in 1 against the cold that also charges the smartphone


The packaging of the warmers it is very simple and includes the device and a cable for charging (there is no wall socket) as well as an instruction manual in Chinese.

Construction and materials

The device is made of plastic with a rubberized processing that allows you to maintain a good grip during use. The weight is of 130 grams while the dimensions are of 98 66 x x 33.8mm The front includes the power button and three status LEDs which we will talk about shortly.

at "dome"Acts as torch and it is removable: the door is located under it USB Type-C to recharge or Type-B classic to be able to recharge external devices.


xiaomi solove review

The button allows you to set the different ways of using the device:

  • A long press will turn on the device illuminating the first white LED. By keeping the pressure it will turn pink.
  • A second long press will activate the second heating mode;
  • The third press will activate the strongest heating mode that reaches up to 55 °;
  • The double click allows you to quickly switch off the device;
  • The simple click will activate the flashlight if it is inserted in the appropriate socket.

Charging times from 0 to 100% are about 3 hours while the times of use are:

  • 40 minutes at maximum level;
  • 25 minutes on intermediate level;
  • 20 minutes at minimum level

So let's talk about a duration of approx 1.25 hours using the maximum level available for the remaining charge. If, on the other hand, you wish to use the minimum level, this estimate extends to 2 / 3 hours.

To check the remaining charge of the device, simply observe the LEDs that will illuminate from pink to red when the battery is insufficient to guarantee the functioning of the relative heating level.

Security is guaranteed by a thermal control chip which automatically changes the operating temperature so that it never exceeds the 55 ° limit.

Price and conclusions

xiaomi solove review

Il SOLOVE N2-S it is a versatile, economical and functional device that allows approx 20€, shipping included, to be able to take advantage of a valid one warmers which if necessary turns into one powerbank from 4000 mAh or in one torch soft to use at night or to wear makeup.