Will Redmi K30 Pro really be full screen? The VP "confirms" it

redmi k30 pro

There is no official date yet, but the launch of Redmi K30 Pro it seems more and more around the corner. The stop at sales of K20 Pro it certainly represents a big clue, as well as the last one survey posted on Weibo. Vice President Lu Weibing talks about how the smartphone will be full screen, turning the question to the community on how this will be made possible. And the options included in the survey would suggest a change of look compared to the "smooth" Redmi K30.

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No perforated display for Redmi K30 Pro: the survey on Weibo suggests it

redmi k30 pro

What type of screen will be used on the Redmi K30 Pro? Selfie camera inserted in the display or retractable? Just the fact that this type of question is asked suggests that the perforated screen of Redmi K30 is modified, otherwise why do it? That's why on the net it is assumed that Redmi K30 Pro can differentiate itself with the use of one pop-up room. This would mean that the top of the range model would incorporate what has already been done with Redmi K20 and K20 Pro, to the delight of those who love unhindered screens. The hypothesis had already been previously proposed by industry leakers, therefore one thinks that it is something more concrete.

redmi k30 pro

Coincidence wants that in these hours new render leaks representing Redmi K30 Pro have been released online. In the images we see the retractable camera, with a double sensor located at the top right and no longer on the left.

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