OPPO patents the rival of the Galaxy Note, with a "special" nib


The latest OPPO patent registered at the Chinese intellectual property offices could indicate one of the roads for the future of the brand and among the rivals there would be nothing less than the colossal Samsung Galaxy Note 10. The Note series has always stood out for the presence of a solid panel and support for the nib, the latter increasingly advanced. Apparently OPPO she may be willing to raise the bar with a new one smartphone equipped with a stylus with Bluetooth, battery and microphone integrated.

OPPO: the new patent shows a stylus that also allows you to make phone calls


The patent in question presents a device - it could be a smartphone, but also a tablet - characterized by a large display, with a housing in the upper part. Here the Chinese company's advanced nib would find space, the latter with some features that make it decidedly interesting. The stilo which appears in the patent of OPPO would have one from her battery integrated; this recharges once the device is hooked to the smartphone / tablet.

As anticipated, there is no lack of support for Bluetooth, which could open the doors to features similar to that of the Samsung S-Pen (such as controlling the camera or sliding the slides during a presentation). But the real novelty of the OPPO smartphone is the fact that the stylus has an internal microphone and can be used to carry out calls. In short, it will be possible to talk on the phone without dragging the huge device behind, but simply using the pen.

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Obviously - it is always worth underlining - it is a patent and not always what is seen on paper actually turns into reality. Anyway, what do you think of this novelty branded OPPO? Would you like in such device?

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