OnePlus 7T review after 6 months: it's still the right choice

oneplus 7t review

OnePlus 7T, together with the Pro variant, it is the latest device from the Chinese company with additions such as the display Fluid AMOLED at 90 Hz e SoC Snapdragon 855+ the aim is to fill some of the gaps in the predecessor. As per tradition, too OP 7T you can define a top of the range with a lower price, but beyond the implementations just mentioned, will it have convinced us? Find out in our full review.

OnePlus 7 Pro Review

oneplus 7t review


Of its classic wrapping, OnePlus 7T it retains only the color: this time, in fact, we find a box developed in length - almost to remind a pack of liqueurs - which, however, inside is particularly well-kept and contains everything you need, and therefore we will find:

  • OnePlus 7T (with pre-applied front film);
  • Silicone cover;
  • Pin to remove the SIM trolley;
  • OnePlus stickers;
  • Warp Charge 30T 30W power supply;
  • USB cable - Type-C.

Design and construction quality

oneplus 7t review

We are certainly faced with a device that offers at the same time a fresh and attractive design and an impeccable build quality. Starting from the latter, OnePlus 7T opt for using Gorilla Glass 5 both on the back and front, while the side frame is completely aluminum. The difference between the materials is accentuated by the matt finish on the back, in contrast with the shiny edges. Contrary to what one might think, the combination is a winner, offering an interesting alternation of lights (and colors) and feedback. Without puns, it can be said with certainty that, at least from a purely aesthetic point of view, OP 7T is one of the most "beautiful" devices on the market. In this sense, the presence of the porthole in which the three rear rooms are located does not spoil either.

oneplus 7t review

The device offers a display by 6.55 " and - consequently - size and weight are also important, with 160.9 x 74.4 x 8.1 mm to 190 grams. Despite the numbers, the user experience tells a "different story". Given the elongated shape, in fact, you will not have any problem using the device with one hand and, at the same time, the 190 grams will not feel at all, well distributed along the entire surface of the device. The only drawback in terms of usability (in case you decide to use it without a cover) remains that of the grip: the matte back cover makes the smartphone slightly slippery. However, you will love to use it without a cover given the feedback returned by the glass.

Unblocking methods

oneplus 7t review

Also OnePlus 7T offers the two traditional (now) unlocking methods. We refer to the ID sensor below the display and the Face Unlock. Compared to the past we find a clear improvement of the biometric sensor, quick and accurate, in spite of a facial release not always ready and accurate.

In this perspective, it will not be too difficult to choose between the two: to protect your privacy, you will no doubt have to rely on biometric unlocking.


oneplus 7t review

Maybe even winking at gamer and to the new line of enthusiasts of mobile gaming, OnePlus 7T offers a very performing display that looks like one of the strengths of the device. More precisely we find a Fluid AMOLED FullHD + display da 6.55 inches, screen to body ratio of86.5% e PPI 402, with protection Corning Gorilla Glass 5 and frequency a 90Hz.

The display of OP 7T it is among the reasons why you may decide to purchase the device. We are faced with a excellent AMOLED panel that does not work in direct sunlight and maintains a faithful reproduction of colors in every situation. Oleophobic treatment is also promoted with flying colors. In daily use you will be surprised by the fluidity of the display given by the refresh rate at 90Hz. Clearly, should you decide to prefer i 90Hz to the most classic 60Hz, you will have a higher energy consumption.

oneplus 7t review

In addition, thanks to the settings, you can take advantage of the AMOLED display in full: most of the apps, both pre-installed and third-party, offer support for the dark theme and this will make you gain (also) a little autonomy. At the same time, however, there is no possibility to set the ever on display, a deficiency that you can supplant by setting the environment that will wake up at the touch of the display. As mentioned, then, the already high quality of the display is "helped" by OXYGEN. Thanks to the software side implementations you can set the mode that best suits your eyes, choosing between "Natural", "Vivid" and "Advanced". Thanks to this last setting you can make a gradual correction of the colors. In this sense we repeat ourselves: the display is worth by itself The ticket price.

Hardware and Performance

oneplus 7t review

OnePlus 7T boasts top-of-the-range hardware in all respects and can count on Qualcomm's latest chipset, Snapdragon 855 + a 7 nm, accompanied by Adreno GPU 640. On the memories side, instead, we have 128 / 256 GB UFS 3.0 e 8 GB di RAM LPDDR4. The performance, already at the top of the predecessor, could only improve since - in all respects - it is Snap 855 + looks like a reinterpretation of the 855, but in terms of performance.

Having said that, with OnePlus 7T you can deal with any type of load in a completely natural way: whether it's games or more or less expensive apps. The result, in addition to being given by a top of the range hardware, is clearly also due to the optimization of the OXYGEN. As already reiterated, the OP devices have nothing to envy to all the other top of the range and in terms of quality of use they offer practically the top.



The driving force that allows the devices OnePlus it is undoubtedly the proprietary role of Android, that is to say the OXYGEN, arrived at v.10.0.7 and updated to the November patches.

In this sense we find even more attention in every single detail: every minimal setting and feature OS seems to be designed not to clutter and to determine a standard from a design point of view. As never before, the OxygenOS 10.0 turns out to be intuitive and with an interface user friendly. Precisely by virtue of the attention to the end user you will be able to appreciate some features that will accompany you in daily use.

Some of the latest implementations that you'll find yourself using more frequently are the Game Mode (e Fnatic Mode) and the Zen mode. In the first case OP 7T it will become a perfect gaming station, inhibiting notifications and increasing game performance. In the second, however, the same smartphone will "force you" not to use the functions of the same. This mode, albeit uncomfortable, may come in handy to lose the habit of "spending idle time" staring at the device.

There is no shortage - as previously anticipated - more common functions such as full screen gesture, or the Battery optimization that takes place by stopping the apps in the background. Just by virtue of autonomy, then, you can choose to set the dark mode that goes perfectly with the AMOLED display. As mentioned previously, the OXYGEN once again it represents a strength from all points of view that could dissolve any doubt purchase a OnePlus.

Photographic quality

oneplus 7t review

The photographic quality inevitably distinguishes the top from the medium range. In this sense OnePlus 7T can be found ready with a triple photographic compartment (rear) placed in the central porthole by 48 + 12 + 16 mega-pixel and a selfie camera from XMUMX mega - pixel, single and present in the drop notch.

The bedroom department, in addition to being particularly supplied on paper, also manages to do its duty, then, in practice. In addition to main sensor da 48 mega-pixels f / 1.6 with PDAF and OIS, which behaves very well in every situation, I was also positively surprised by the telephoto with 2x optical zoom from 12 mega-pixels f / 2.2 e the ultra wide angle by 16 mega-pixel f / 2.2.

More precisely, the software optimization work combined with the quality of the sensors will allow you to shoot excellent macro (and Super Macro) and zoomed shots with a wealth of details even in poor lighting conditions. At the same time, the wide-angle sensor maintains excellent color fidelity and almost zero image distortion. By force of things, however, you will struggle to use it with low brightness given the focal aperture f / 2.2 which tends to capture little light. Present (and now inevitable) is the night mode that the portrait mode who perform the assigned tasks very well. In the first case, the exposure times reduced to a minimum by the software will give you more chances to have clear and colorful photos even in the evening.

On the other side, frontally, we have a sensor from 16 mega-pixels f / 2.0 without infamy and without praise, which will allow you to quickly capture selfies with good resolution, going slightly in difficulty in low light situations, in this case you can use the front flash, even if on more than one occasion it may “blind you ". Good the software treatment of the bokeh effect that manages to perfectly contour the silhouettes of the framed subjects.

Connectivity and Audio

oneplus 7t review

Except for the absence of the increasingly rare 3.5 mm jack input, OnePlus 7T it is a rich device both for connectivity and for listening quality. Present at the roll call Dual Band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0 LE, aptX HD, NFC and the trio GPS. All the sensors listed above, solicited several times a day, responded without hesitation.

Also in terms of audio, as mentioned, OP 7T it's a great device. The reproduction, both musical and streaming content is of excellent level and satisfactory both from a qualitative point of view and in terms of maximum volume.


Performance increased net of a practically identical battery compared to its predecessor. OnePlus 7T comes with a unit from 3800 mAh. Despite this, the device - object of our review - does not seem to suffer particularly in this fundamental. In the several weeks of use it has always brought me in the evening (and most of the times the following morning) with a use that is not at all restrictive, made by use in 4G, hundreds of Push notifications and sessions of gaming.

Numbers in hand, with the use just described, OP 7T still managed to reach the 5 display hours on, with peaks in excess or in defect depending on the intensity with which the device is used. Thanks to fast charging Warp Charge then, you can charge your devices in record time, approximately 40 minutes (or slightly less) to go from 0 to 100%.

Conclusions - OnePlus 7T

As we reiterated extensively during the review, OnePlus 7T it is a device promoted from every point of view. This is because it has - to all intents and purposes - the top-of-the-range fabric while maintaining an affordable price compared to the average.

It solves the shortcomings of its predecessor and in addition presents a renewed and even more elegant design (it surprised us in the coloring Glacier Blue), while remaining on the same price range. Compared to the launch, which took place several months ago, it is also available at a lower cost, about 420 € by taking advantage of the coupons made available by GearBest. Currently, the 8/256 GB variant is available from the mentioned store, at a slightly higher price that you can buy by applying the coupon below.

OnePlus 7T 8 / 256 GB - Gearbest

OnePlus 7T 8 / 256 GB with OxygenOS

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