OnePlus 7T Pro arrives on DxOMark but is out of the Top Ten

oneplus 7t pro

The latest top of the range of the Chinese company, OnePlus 7T Pro, finally arrives on the portal DxOMark with the opinion on the photographic sector. The score is not the most exciting when compared with that of the latest models spotted on the platform (as in the case of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro), but the fact that the flagship debut is also to be taken into consideration dates back to October and since then ... water has passed under the bridges!

OnePlus 7T Pro debuts on DxOMark: this is what it has totaled in photos and videos

oneplus 7t pro

The device totaled 114 points, divided into 122 points for the photo sector and 96 for video performances. As can also be seen from the ranking below, OnePlus 7T Pro it does not seem to change things compared to its predecessor and is positioned beyond the top ten scores of the portal. Regarding the comparison with the previous model, on the video side the 7T Pro tends to lose some shots in terms of noise, color and stabilization while as regards the shots it achieves small satisfactions in some fields (as in the case of night photos).

oneplus 7t pro

All in all, DxOMark currency OnePlus 7T Pro like a smartphone capable of making good shots, with accurate exposure, pleasant colors and sharp details. According to the portal, compared to OP7 Pro there are also changes on the software side, with renewed algorithms and able to make a difference (especially with regard to HDR).

As usual, for the full DxOMark review we invite you to visit the page dedicated to the flagship, where you will find all the details of the case and the photographic samples.

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