The Xiaomi YouPin "Antivirus" UV lamp is at a 55% discount

Even on Sunday the offers of Banggood and the store today brings us a very interesting offer. Thanks to flash sale given from the pre order you can buy the brand new one UV lamp di Xiaomi YouPin with a discount of 55%.

The Xiaomi YouPin UV lamp is on offer flash at Banggood

The same company has renamed the product as "Antivirus" lamp. This is because the device from the ecosystem Xiaomi YouPin, thanks to the UV lamp which has a 360 ° effect, it is able to disinfect the surrounding environment. The use of the lamp is particularly aggressive, so much so that between "Tips for use" it indicates the need to use the "antivirus" lamp in the absence of people inside the room. At the same time it is not recommended to look at the UV light directly.

Switching to operation, the lamp can work both in current (via the USB input) and using the integrated battery from 700 mAh. More precisely, the brand's product will use two different disinfection methods: UV UVC + ozone ion for a more effective result. Just as indicated, just use the product for about half an hour in a closed environment. The built-in battery will also allow use of approximately 1.30h on a single charge.

xiaomi lamp

The new branded product Xiaomi YouPin is available for purchase, at a discount of 55% and at a very interesting price of about  € 20. To do this, just click on the box below, without the need to apply any discount code.