Nanoleaf Light Panels review: smart wall lights!

Nanoleaf Light Panels

Although the lights have already been out for some time Nanoleaf Light Panels continue to be one of the most curious and original products on the market. In today's review, in fact, we will analyze these RGB LED panels in their own Smarter Kit with the addition of the form Rhythm. What are they, what do they understand and how did they perform during our tests? We just have to find out in the full review.

Nanoleaf Light Panels recession

Unboxing - Nanoleaf Light Panels

Inside the sales package there is the following equipment:

  • 9 LED panels;
  • cable with Italian plug and with UK plug;
  • power supply;
  • 3M adhesives;
  • contacts for joining the panels;
  • controller with power cable;
  • Rhythm module.

Design and construction

The lights Nanoleaf Light Panels are a element of design, even before being mere lights and this can already be understood from price. The peculiarity of this product is that we have modular triangular shapes that can be combined with each other to create shapes at will.

To do this we can connect up to 30 elements, but don't worry because if you want to go further, just attach a new power supply. Let's say that in this case you can give free rein to your imagination, even if at that point it would become very expensive to create such a system.

The panels are made of rigid plastic and they appear to be quite impact resistant. At the rear they have contacts on all three sides where it is possible to insert the plates and connect multiple modules together. The ends, on the other hand, are empty and must be used to house the ends 3M stickers. Be careful not to make mistakes because these are very strong and it will be difficult to detach the panels from the wall to reposition them.

Il controller has only two keys, namely the one of ON / OFF and that for change the lighting mode.

Software and operation

Just connect the controller to the panels to immediately turn on the Nanoleaf Light Panels and by the way you can use the same controller to change the lights. This is useful if you do not have a Wi-Fi network at home, which is necessary for the correct smart operation of the product.

Once you are sign up and aver coupled the panels to the smartphone you can perform a series of operations such as choosing the preset settings, managing the brightness, downloading the settings made by Nanoleaf and by users or create their own.

As for this aspect you will have the most complete freedom of choice and you can give free rein to your imagination. In fact, the following parameters can be set:

  • colors;
  • speed in transitions;
  • direction of colors;
  • cycles (continuous or variable);
  • select a predominant color and shade the others accordingly;
  • choose a central color and blend the others around;
  • random variations;
  • start from the basic palette;
  • etc ...

The possibilities are really many and with the form Rhythm you can go and expand them even more. Indeed, this expansion has a internal microphone which will change the various colors depending on the music being played. Unfortunately, however, the music must have a fairly high volume if you want to catch all the nuances of the songs, otherwise if the source is far away the panels will remain more black.

Obviously we can also customize each "tile" with a well-defined color or set them directly in white with a color temperature that varies from 1200K to 6500K.

I Nanoleaf Light Panels make anexcellent light which guarantees gods uniform colors. Seeing them change at times can be hypnotic and, although I have always considered it a little useful product, I realized I wanted it in the room, as it will totally change the atmosphere.

Through the application we can program the switch-on times e shutdown and to make matters worse these lights are perfectly compatible with Google Home, Alexa, Siri, Apple HomeKit e IFTTT.


Nanoleaf Light Panels it's a really interesting product that I thought I didn't want, but that created a new need in me. Need that at the moment I put aside because it 9-piece Smarter Kit with the Rhythm module it is sold at approx 200 € su Amazon.

However, one must take into account that the price you pay is not so much for the lights themselves but for design in general. In fact, if we think of other bright furniture products in most cases we approach this figure.

In short, if you are looking for a product only to beautify and make your room home automation then I definitely recommend these lights. If, on the other hand, you always want to give some color to your home, but without having panels on the wall, then I suggest you simply buy some RGB Xiaomi bulbs so you can save a lot.

Last updated the 09 / 08 / 2020 13: 17