Huawei Mate XS could be equipped with a BOE OLED display

huawei mate xs

There are currently several products on the market folding in the smartphone field. During these months, in fact, we have seen how the industry has grown in this field, bringing some news to really interesting previous models. For example, by Samsung, there has been a commitment to produce a device other than the fold, proposing the Galaxy Z Flip. Still with Motorola, then, we saw the rise of the RAZR. It seems, therefore, that Huawei is also about to release a new folding smartphone, the Mate XS, which will most likely mount a panel OLED produced by BOE.

Mate XS should mount a better flexible display

huawei mate x

From what we have been able to learn in these hours, it seems that Huawei Mate XS will mount a OLED display produced by the same BOE. The latter, in fact, is a leading company in the creation of LCDs, which in recent years has also begun to invest in this area. It appears, in fact, that the company has entered approx 46 billion dollars in the system, to allow all your facility to begin efficiently producing these new screens.

Huawei Mate XS certified with Android and 65W recharge

Huawei will take advantage of these innovations by implementing them flexible panels on their own leaflets. We do not yet know, however, what the actual are features of these displays, which we will soon see on board the Mate XS.

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