Honor MagicWatch 2 review: almost unbeatable fitness mode!

Honor magicwatch 2

Many companies have decided, over the years, to enrich their catalog by implementing new products. In fact, it is often a question of devices that can actively communicate with the smartphone, 24 hours a day. Among these devices, therefore, it certainly stands out smartwatch. If we take a look at the sales data, in fact, we see how these accessories are in great demand right now, perhaps even more than the Fitness bands. From a certain point of view, in fact, they have become even more reliable, often boasting a much more mature style than in the past. We got to try, therefore, Honor magicwatch 2 which certainly belongs to this category of products. How did he perform in our tests? It will have succeeded in satisfying our requests, with the monitoring more than 15 activities related to Fitness? Find out within our interior Full review.

Honor MagicWatch 2 review


What Honor has provided us is the sales package ready for the market. Inside, therefore, we find:

  • Honor MagicWatch 2 (46mm);
  • charging base, with USB Type-C input;
  • USB-A / USB Type-C cable;
  • short instruction manual, also in Italian;

Design & Materials

They are present on the market two versions of this smartwatch. On the one hand we have a model from 42 mm, while on the other we find a version from 46 mm. We have had the opportunity to try the latter and, therefore, we express our impressions on this model. From an aesthetic point of view, therefore, Honor MagicWatch 2 comes with a design really very elegant, suitable for any type of situation. Thanks to the structure in 316L stainless steel, then, the weight is really small, as we stand on 41 grams.

Honor magicwatch 2

This product seems to be made with great attention to detail. We did not find any flaws in assembly, thus being able to appreciate all its forms. On the front, in fact, it does not have any metal ring, but everything is covered by a glass protective that curves slightly along the side edges. This aspect could immediately suggest a very fragile device. It is not, however, true. During this test period we tried to use it in the most disparate conditions and did not report the slightest scratch.

Honor magicwatch 2

Taking a look along the frame, then, we notice the presence of two keys function. The one higher up allows you to turn on the smartwatch, to wake up the screen or access the home. The second, however, can be programmed, performing the function we prefer. On the lower profile there is also all the sensors dedicated to the heart rateas well as i magnetic pins for product recharge.

Honor magicwatch 2

Although the strap is made in plastic, they assured us that its quality is practically unmatched. During the presentation to the Italian media, in fact, it was reported that it is an identical material to that used for Apple Watch. In everyday use, in fact, there is never a sense of discomfort, even on the hottest days or after intense physical activity. Being a product devoted to fitness, however, I would have opted for a slightly sportier style, perhaps with some larger slots. In case you have a need of this type, however, you could always buy one of the replacement straps available on the market. We remind you, then, that in our variant there is space, in the package, only this strap. If you were to purchase the version with the leather one, however, you would also find the "plastic" strap inside.

It is a product waterproof, with a resistance up to a depth of 50 meters. You will have no problems, therefore, with any type of activity you want to do. You won't have noticed, then, but there is also space on this unit speaker, on the right side, and a microphone, on the left one. These were introduced to allow us to respond to one call even on the smartwatch, almost as if we were in a James Bond movie!


We come to one of the happiest points of this review. On Honor MagicWatch 2, in fact, there is a space display, of matrix AMOLED, da 1,39 inches diagonal with resolution 454 x 454 and pixel density of PPI 326. We are not talking, therefore, of a poor panel, but of a unit capable of giving off a good brightness even in direct sunlight. It certainly doesn't help having a glossy glass in some conditions, but we can't say we had too many problems outside. Even from the chromatic point of view, in fact, this smartwatch expresses colors lively, perhaps slightly too saturated and rich in contrast. On a product of this type, however, it is a winning choice.

Honor magicwatch 2

I was not too satisfied with the automatic brightness. This, in fact, does not always react adequately to changes in light. Often it remains too low, forcing us to manually adjust this value. We would have preferred, therefore, a more reactive and precise system. Despite this, however, the panel touch screen implemented on Honor MagicWatch 2 is quite good. All gestures are always received correctly and scrolling of the pages is, all things considered, fluid. Obviously, then, a system of interface customizationincluding dials. However, we will deal with this topic later.

Hardware & Features

Honor magicwatch 2 it mounts a SoC inside Kirin A1. It is, therefore, a Huawei home solution, which we also find on Watch GT2. This chip, in fact, guarantees excellent performance and a truly top management of all connectivity. Thanks to it, in fact, we will be able to take advantage of a form Bluetooth LE 5.1 and GPS / GLONASS, so as to ensure the most accurate localization system possible. In both respects, therefore, I was satisfied with the performance achieved. From the point of view of the connection with our smartphone, in fact, we have no problem to report. Also about the navigation, then, I must say that the connection to the satellite happens very quickly. Sometimes it takes only 5 seconds to start our new business, thanks to a good responsiveness expressed precisely in this area.

On board, then, we will also have 4GB of space available, to store directly up to 500 music tracks. Everything will be manageable directly from the smartwatch, to which you can easily connect a pair of bluetooth headsets. You can add songs from the application Huawei Health, within the appropriate menu. With this function the way of doing changes completely sports because it will no longer be necessary to carry a bulky smartphone. Sometimes, however, you may find it difficult to find the songs inside your smartphone, so make sure that these are files with an extension .mp3, as indicated on the app itself. It will not be possible, however, to manage the songs as if you were on a smartphone, only being able to select the next or previous songs from the ones introduced into the system. You will, however, have the opportunity to set the volume and pause.

Honor magicwatch 2

Taking a look at give obtained throughout the trial period, we must admit that much of the excellent performance returned by this smartwatch is attributable to the reliability of the heart rate detection. Thanks to the sensors placed at the bottom, in fact, the smartwatch manages to keep track of the activity of our heart, always showing reliable data. Specifically, we have activated the beat detection, selecting the option “Real time". With the latter, therefore, you will be able to detect your beat in more detail.

Honor magicwatch 2

With all the activities present, the watch still manages to maintain good reliability. Applies to the simple walk, as well as to one swim in the pool, where it is not always easy to detect the kilometers traveled and the type of activity carried out. Honor MagicWatch 2, on the other hand, was one of the very few models to succeed in this venture, detecting values ​​very close to reality, at least as regards the distance traveled, strokes and number of tanks completed. A sign that all the sensors inside this product are well calibrated and are able to perform well in any condition.

As mentioned above, through Honor MagicWatch 2 we can also talking on the phone. Microphone and speaker will help us in this operation, with good results. In terms of volume, in fact, we will notice a certain power, almost unexpected on a product of this type. On the other hand they feel quite good, as long as in outdoors there is not too much wind or a lot of people around. These two factors, in fact, slightly affect the quality of the call.

Monitoring & Fitness

We must therefore bring you the introduction on this model of the Huawei TruSeen 3.5, an algorithm that uses artificial intelligence to detect our cardiac activity as accurately as possible. If this were not enough, then, we could also take advantage of the Huawei TruSleep 2.0, which in this case is in charge of sleep monitoring, also managing to provide some advice to rest better. From this point of view, therefore, we must say that we were particularly satisfied, because it seems that the information is quite accurate. The absolute novelty of this package of functions, however, is represented by stress monitoring. Thanks to Huawei TruRelaxtherefore, you will be able to continuously detect yours stress level. In the configuration phase they will be placed 12 questions very particular, at the end of which your profile will be drawn up and a precise value to be taken as a reference. We have strong doubts, however, that the latter works is truly reliable.

This device supports up to 15 fitness modes customized. This is a really important number for a product of this type. Scrolling through the various items on the smartwatch, therefore, we find: guided race, outdoor race, indoor race, outdoor walk, indoor walk, outdoor bicycle, exercise bike, indoor swimming, outdoor swimming, climbing, hiking, crosscountry running, triathlon, elliptical, rowing machine. You will therefore be spoiled for choice.

We have not had the opportunity to try all sports, of course. As mentioned above, however, with the swimming indoors we were more than satisfied with the results. This same argument also applies to other proven activities, including the simple one walk outside or the exercise bike. We are convinced that, therefore, Honor has really wanted to provide real customer support by making available a product that can reliably detect all data on sports activities. It seems that the margins of error are really low, but obviously we have no medical instruments able to say how big this margin is in the data collection.


On board there is a space software costs. customized by the Huawei / Honor group, which turns out to be quite well done. As on other brand products, in fact, also on Honor MagicWatch 2 we find ainterface full of colors and options, able to satisfy every type of user. This does not differ much from that proposed by other brands, such as Amazfit itself, although it still has something different. The only thing that always remains the same as many other models is the possibility of change the dial, also through the official application.

Honor magicwatch 2

Let's first analyze everything we can find inside the smartwatch. On this Honor MagicWatch 2, in fact, we have the possibility of use gestures, those that usually allow us to navigate these systems. With a swipe down, therefore, you access the quick options, such as the "Do not disturb" mode, the "Alarm clock" and poco other. On the lower part of the screen, some information is also indicated, such as the time, date, and the remaining charge. By swiping to the left, however, you access the view of some very important information. We therefore find the graph relating to cardiac activity, stress, weather, music control and a summary of our physical activity of the day. Always starting from the main quadrant, then, with an upward swipe you can directly access the notifications. On this smartwatch, in fact, it is possible to receive messages from any application, such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram and much more.

By clicking once on the upper physical button, you can directly access the various options contained in the product. In addition to everything related to training and fitness-related activities, we also find sleep monitoring, stress, breathing exercises, all contacts and the call log, the barometer, la compass, notifications, the weather, the stopwatch, the timer, the torch, and settings. Each individual item also contains the necessary, truly essential information. Everything has been translated, among other things, to perfection, so from this point of view you will have no problem. Obviously, however, on the smartwatch it would not have been possible to add every single data, in detail. So the application comes into play Huawei Health.

Huawei Health

We dedicate a separate chapter to this application, because it deserves to be analyzed in detail. Let's start by saying, however, that this only works with i Huawei Mobile Services installed on the phone. At the time of the initial configuration, in fact, they will be requested, therefore you will have to download them using the file contained in the Google Play Store.

Honor magicwatch 2

On this app it will be possible to keep track of all the data collected by the smartwatch, in detail. Here we will find, therefore, a recap of all the activities carried out during the day, mainly regarding the steps taken and the number of minutes in which we kept moving. Huawei Healthhowever, it has a really simple interface. In fact, in the initial screen there will also be 4 simple squares which will contain the following information: details exercise, heart rate, sleep, weight, stress. Within each single item, then, we will have the opportunity to better see our progress, by taking a look at graphics, ai give and, often, also ai advice that Huawei wants to give us.

All the information is reported in an exhaustive manner and, from a technical point of view, they are very simple to view. There are no errors in the texts or overlapping of the same, making everything more pleasant. From this application, then, we will also be able to start the various sports and sports activities manage device settings. Only in this way will we be able to decide how often to measure heart rate or from which applications to receive notifications. There are really many customization possibilities, so you will necessarily have to explore them all to better configure your smartwatch.


On this Honor MagicWatch 2 there is space for one battery whose capacity is unknown. At the moment, in fact, we only know that this should last about 14 days with active sleep monitoring, as well as heart rate monitoring, notifications of 90 minutes of activity per week, 30 minutes of music and 30 minutes of calls via bluetooth. These, however, are the data declared by Honor itself.

With our daily use, keeping the notifications active from five different apps, real-time heart rate monitoring, little GPS navigation and the management of some outdoor walks, we have not been able to overcome 5 days full of autonomy. We received the sample on 4 February. After overnight charging, on February 5th we started using it. Sunday 9 Februaryhowever, during dinner time the smartwatch took its last breath before it completely shut down.

This is not a very exciting value. The fact remains that, with all these functions active, a type of autonomy of this type. There are other very complete smartwatches on the market that do not last one day. Therefore, we would like to praise this sector equally, despite the fact that the conditions were very different. As always, however, autonomy is a very difficult aspect to evaluate. It really depends on how you use this accessory, especially regarding how much you monitor your physical values ​​during the week.

Price & Conclusions

Honor magicwatch 2 will come soon also in Italy. What we could try, or the version from 46 mm with only the black strap, it will have a price of 179,99 €. It is therefore a more than acceptable figure for a product of this type, also considering all the functions present inside. We were positively surprised by the reliability of the product, especially with reference to the monitoring of the various sports activities, many of which are very precise.

We therefore recommend the product to a very large audience. We believe that a solution of this type is elegant enough to be shown off even on more important occasions, especially the variant with the leather strap. If we join this too great smart features, And checking your health, then we get a complete accessory.