Google against the USA: "Let us work with Huawei"

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Although the lawsuit request was rejected, the disagreements between Huawei e USA they show no sign of abating. To throw petrol on the fire thinks the same Google, one of the direct interested parties that was most affected by the American ban. The inclusion of Huawei in the Entity List has meant that U.S. companies are blocked from trading in us. It is possible to request a special permit, however difficult to obtain and not always granted, as in the case of Google. The consequences? The manufacturer's smartphones can always mount Android, given its AOSP nature, but not Google services. As a result, no Play Store and full compatibility with all Big G apps.

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Google wants to return to normal with Huawei, despite the USA

But it is also Google that is affected by this block, also because Huawei has already shown that it can overcome this impasse. The road is still long and winding and Ren Zhengfei's own company said it considered Google as a first choice, in case the Trump government turns back. But in the meantime, smartphones can count on gods Huawei services more solid and a one AppGallery increasingly full of apps. Without considering the Huawei Quick Apps, the big work side by side with the community of programmers and also agreements like that tight with TomTom.

In short, in the long run it could reverse the situation, with Google likely to end up being the most penalized part of the two. There is a risk of losing nearly 1 billion users, necessarily ousted from the use of Google apps, a fundamental part of the corporate ecosystem. It is not surprising, therefore, that in Mountain View there is concern for a future that could be more conflictual than expected. Google was quick to renew protests against its government, asking for a permit to return to work normally. What will happen now is still too early to say, but the Trump administration is unlikely to give up easily.

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