GMAIR GM-XD001: here is the new disinfectant tool on Xiaomi YouPin


When it comes to accessories, Xiaomi is always in first place. During these years, in fact, a really high quantity of devices has been produced under this brand. We often dealt with devices belonging to the world of home automation, leisure and hygiene. In the last hours, therefore, it seems that on the crowdfunding platform Xiaomi YouPin a truly curious disinfectant tool called GMAIR GM-XD001.

Add water and salt, and in 3 minutes you are ready!


From what we could learn on the dedicated page, inside Xiaomi YouPin, this product has a very simple design. At first glance, in fact, it is very similar to a common one carafe for water. Inside, however, it presents a system capable of disinfect the surrounding air, but not only.

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Just add water and salt, and then proceed with the selection of the most suitable mode for our work. On the lower part, in fact, through an analog selector we will have the possibility to select three different items: Clean, Sterilize e Wash. Depending on what we choose, therefore, we will have a different response from the nozzle placed at the top, which will release the right amount of water solution. This product is not absolutely toxic, because it simply uses a sodium chloride solution, therefore it can also be used on clothes, household products and much more.

Currently this GMAIR GM-XD001 it is on sale on Xiaomi YouPin at the price of 299 yuan, therefore approx 40 € at the current exchange rate.All shipments should then start from 30 March 2020.

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