ASUS ROG Phone 2: low stocks due to Coronavirus

ASUS ROG Phone 2

For some days theepidemic unleashed by the new Coronavirus is bringing the world economy to its knees. In fact, almost all manufacturing in the technological field comes from China. This is why some companies find themselves in difficulty with the shipments of their products. In fact, many production lines have been interrupted. Among these devices, therefore, also finds space ASUS ROG Phone 2. In fact, for some hours, this product has been low and it is not possible to increase the warehouse stocks, precisely because of this epidemic.

ASUS informs its customers by letter

Many users have purchased a ASUS ROG Phone 2. However, they will not soon receive their smartphone. In fact, due to the Coronavirus epidemic that exploded in China, the brand had to communicate to its customers that shipments will be postponed, due to a lack of products in stock. This is a "temporary shortage" which we hope will be overcome soon, immediately after the disappearance of this virus.

Drones to monitor Coronavirus in China? Watch out for the hoax

Due to the high number of infected, many manufacturers have decided to close their doors for a limited period of time. This has had impact, therefore, on all levels. At the moment, therefore, ROG Phone 2 is sold out, but may soon be available again on the official website.

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