The Xiaomi JIMMY F6 hairdryer challenges the Dyson Supersonic and costs less than half with this coupon

Practically every day we tell you about the progress of Xiaomi in any type of ecosystem. The Chinese company, in fact, precisely because of its ability to branch out in all areas, is often in contrast with leading companies from different sectors. The product we are talking about today, which is on offer thanks to the coupon of Geekbuying, openly challenge the Dyson Supersonic. Let's take a closer look at the hairdryer Xiaomi JIMMY F6.

Geekbuying offer: the top of the range Xiaomi hairdryer is in promo for € 161

Today we are talking about a top of the range product Xiaomian, but not belonging to the smartphone ecosystem. It is - as already mentioned - the hairdryer Xiaomi JIMMY F6 which takes advantage of anion technology and is able to offer quality equal to or superior to more noble models. The comparison is almost immediate with the Dyson Supersonic which, on balance, offers lower specifications at a cost more than doubled.

Going into the details we see how the JIMMY F6 have a power of 1800W and a digital motor capable of maintaining a constant temperature and absorbing and neutralizing static electricity from the hair. Just by virtue of the use of the digital motor, then, the drying of the hair will be much faster than other similar products, reducing the time of use of about 30%.

As you may have guessed it is a real top of the range that can be yours at the price of only 161€ applying the dedicated discount code of Geekbuying. Furthermore, as you can see, the product will be shipped directly from Europe and therefore delivery times will be particularly short. How to buy it at this price? Nothing could be simpler, just insert the coupon 49LSE8R3 once added the product (which you will find in the box below) in the cart.