SAR values: OnePlus and Xiaomi are the most "radioactive"

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Know the i SAR values of a smartphone is certainly useful, since it represents the quantity of electromagnetic energy diffused by the device. And the higher these values ​​are, the more "radiation" coming from the phone can be incisive. After having already talked about it in half 2018, today arrives updated standings with the models from higher values.

Update 27: / 01: for the end of 2019 the researchers of The report of Statista they updated the radioactivity data of the smartphones in circulation.

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SAR values: here is the updated ranking

We remind you that in Europe there is a German body that regulates these values, namely the CENELEC (translated from French: European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization), which follows the IEC standards. On our continent the maximum limit set is of 2.0 W / kg measured on 10 grams of fabric. Measurements are made by holding the smartphone next to the ear of the test dummy and bringing the values ​​deliberately to the maximum.

values ​​will smartphone 2019

That said, at the top of the ranking provided by The report of Statista we always find it Xiaomi Mi A1 with 1.75 W / kg, followed by two other models of the company. I am referring to We are Max 3Mi MIX 3 5Grespectively at 1.58 W / kg and 1.56 W / kg. Off the podium we find OnePlus 6T, with the rest of the top 15 ranking it includes Xiaomi Mi MIX 3, My 9, Mi 9 SE e I 9T.

Compared to the previous measurements it is necessary to report theabsence of Huawei, whose models of the past generations had decidedly higher values. If we consider the inverse ranking, or smartphones less "radioactive", the situation is very different. The list is practically free of smartphones of Chinese origin, with the exception of Honor 7A e ZTE Axon Elite. The rest of the list is mainly composed of terminals Samsung e Nokia.

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