Roborock S5 Max review: you couldn't wish for better!

Roborock S5 Max

Although this product initially had prohibitive costs, in the last period these robot have become increasingly popular. In fact, many people had the need to take one, because of their working hours that do not allow them to always keep the house clean. With this device, however, you can afford to stay away from home, without neglecting any aspect. Roborock S5 Maxin fact, it is one of the latest creations of the manufacturer of Xiaomi robots, which can clean the house and, at the same time, wash the surfaces of the floors. Let's see, therefore, how this robot behaved, inside ours Full review.

Roborock S5 Max review


As on other products of this type, we do not find a very rich endowment. In fact, we would have expected some more spare parts, also considering the price at which this robot is offered. Despite this, however, inside the package they find space:

  • Roborock S5 Max;
  • charging base, to be placed on the ground;
  • single anti-humidity mat;
  • power cable, to be connected to the charging base;
  • accessory for washing floors;
  • cleaning cloth;
  • instruction manual, also in Italian.

Design & Materials

Taking a look at the sales package, it immediately becomes clear what the main options offered by this product are. Roborock S5 Max, in fact, is able to collect excess dirt and wash floors, through the use of some special modules supplied. Looking at its dimensions, we are in front of a device that measures 353 x 350 x 96,5 mm, showing a weight about 3,5 Kg. On an aesthetic level, however, minimalism reigns. Let's see, therefore, how this product has a white color, characterized by the presence of one central turret inside which you can see an orange component. It is therefore an accessory that can potentially integrate perfectly into any type of environment.

Roborock S5 Max

Also the charging base it is very sober, simply showing the pins on the bottom, and an upper LED indicating the status of the robot. Speaking of the latter, then, we see how several of its entire surface are seasoned sensors. On the central turret, therefore, resides a laser sensor, which measures the distance to objects and offers a mapping of the surrounding spaces. Taking a look at the front, however, we see another sensor, responsible for obstacle recognition. This was positioned inside a moving part, which should cushion the impact with any type of object, avoiding the breaking of some component. this bumper, however, it occupies a good half of the entire circumference of the robot.

Beyond the keys of ignition / startup / shutdown of return to base, on the top we do not find other interesting details. Only by lifting the lid, however, we discover the presence of the bowl for the collection of the dirty, as well as the air filter. Taking a look to the right, at the top, we also see the presence of an LED, which simply indicates the connection status with the Wi-Fi. Later, then, we also have the water tank, the usefulness of which will be analyzed later.

There are four i difference in level sensors present on the bottom. On this surface, then, we find the omnidirectional wheel, the two contacts for charging, the side brush made of plastic, the two main wheels, the central brush and the mechanism for removing the latter. Therefore, I have not found any type of scratch or imperfection in this type of product, since all the parts seem to have been perfectly assembled. It is certainly a well-kept accessory, not only in design. Despite all the bumps, then, the plastic front has not been damaged.

Roborock S5 Max


Let's put aside for a moment the discussion about the extreme robustness of this Roborock S5 Max, to devote ourselves to the analysis of the software which governs this device. Being an accessory dedicated to cleaning the home, or office, a system of space is found inside artificial intelligence able to recognize obstacles, avoid certain areas and modulate its power according to the type of surface on which it is located.

Not many technical characteristics are specified on the official website, but with the official application you will have a complete overview of all its activities. In fact, on your smartphone you can download theapp "Roborock", where you can register the product and start using it completely. However, this accessory must be connected to Wi-Fi. By holding on two buttons on the robot, the connection dedicated light will start to flash, and then connect (immediately after configuration) to the home network. Once you have finished all these operations, you can finally proceed to cleaning your spaces.

Roborock S5 Max

We do not have any remote control supplied, because everything can be managed from the app. Inside, therefore, we will find the map of our house, as well as the indication of the battery and the time taken to complete the last cleaning program. On the lower part, however, we will be able to start a program, being able to choose the suction power and the water level to be deposited on the ground. When the first cleaning starts, the robot will map the house. Only then will we be able to decide the division of the various rooms, manually modifying the one set by the robot itself. Select the single ones properly areas, dividing all the various spaces, it will be useful when it is necessary to clean only some spaces, without affecting the others. Each individual area, then, can have different cleaning programs, deciding on suction power and water level to be used inside this room.

Some points may be difficult to access. Not knowing it, however, the robot could still try to enter it, damaging some of its parts. To avoid this type of problem, through the application it is possible to set some areas with no access. By placing them on the map, therefore, you will be sure that your Roborock S5 Max will no longer dare to approach you. All these operations, however, are manageable only from smartphone. In case you do not have particular needs, however, it would be possible to start a simple cleaning also by clicking on the Power button on the robot. In this case, all the settings on the app would be kept in memory, continuing to manage the cleaning of the house according to your provisions.

Roborock S5 Max

Hardware & Operation

We will not go into detail on the technical data sheet of this product, since the information available to us is rather sparse from this point of view. Regarding the cleaning system, however, we know that the main brush, located at the bottom, offers 1500 turns per minute. Thanks to it, therefore, it is possible to capture a good amount of dirt on the ground. All this material is then conveyed inside the dirt tank, equipped with a special filter. The application also indicates when to empty this bag, taking care to wash the filter with water. Part of the good results obtained, however, can also be attributed to the side brush, which manages to reach points otherwise unreachable by the robot.

Roborock S5 Max

When the surface on which the robot rests changes, this changes its suction force. For example, if it lands on a carpet, we will notice a noticeable increase in suction power. Through the app, however, we can also decide to inhibit these areas, especially when the washing option is active. On the back, in fact, there is a space water container, containing 280 ml. If inserted into the robot, it will not wash the room, simply keeping the water inside. Only when we are going to apply the accessory with the cloth this function will be activated. In fact, a voice will indicate to us the actual passage to this state.

As well as for cleaning, even in the washing system we will be able to decide how much water to drain out. Thanks to a little one pump placed inside this compartment, in fact, the liquid will be conveyed outside in small constant quantities, so as to allow uniformity in cleaning the room. From our tests, therefore, this mechanism has proven to be very reliable. In fact, it was not necessary to refill the water tank, even after covering an area of ​​approx 120 square meters. Obviously, the damp cloth in contact with the ground can be replaced, but the company has not included others in the package.

At the end of our tests we must say that we appreciated Roborock S5 Max, because it proved itself reliable in every situation. Despite its weight, in fact, it can easily overcome some of them small steps a few centimeters. He never violently hits the objects around him, first scanning the entire contour of the room and then proceeding to clean it, following a precise pattern. When he meets some stumbling block, however, it slows down dramatically, avoiding damaging any part of it. Sometimes it cannot reach every single point, leaving some areas uncovered, but this is a defect common to all products of this type. Both during washing and in normal cleaning sessionsconvinced us. Perhaps the only point on which we have been less happy is the noise, which is still quite sustained even at medium speed. While setting the cleanliness on balanced modein fact, the robot releases a noteworthy noise.

When not in use (and located outside its charging station), this robot stays in standby. To awaken it, however, simply click on one of the two buttons on the top of the product, or by starting a cleaning program directly from the application.

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions: 353 x 350 x 96,5 mm;
  • Weight: about 300 grams;
  • Battery: 5.200 mAh;
  • Connection: Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n;
  • Frequency range: 2.400-2.483,5 MHz;
  • Rated power: 58W.


The instruction manual indicates the presence of a battery from 5.200 mAh. It is, therefore, an excellent capacity for a product of this type, which with a single charge should be able to cover even 200 square meters. In even larger spaces, however, it may be difficult to finish operations on time. Reason why, in case of unloading in advance, he will return to the charging base, reaching a percentage that allows him to finish the job. During our use, however, we were able to certify that this type of system works properly.

However, we have never been able to completely discharge this product after just one cleaning cycle. On a house of approx 150 square metersin fact, it took slightly less than 40 minutes to complete a program, keeping a charge higher than 70% (starting from 100%). Obviously, then, the less obstacles there are, the longer the battery will last and the less time the robot will take to cover the whole house.

Price & Conclusions

Roborock S5 Max wanders on a price about 450-500 euro. In the various online stores, in fact, there are several offers at the moment. Despite this, however, it is one of the most convincing products on the market. Although the cost is not contained, it remains a reliable and precise robot, equipped with a myriad of different functions that allow you to personalize at best your cleaning program, even from the app. This is intuitive, presenting ainterface clean and clear.

If you were in a position where you could not always take care of house cleaning, this Roborock S5 Max could really be for you. There are many other competing products, it is true, but this turns out to be a worthy opponent.

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