Realme X2 Pro review: power isn't everything

Realme X2 Pro

We have reached a time when it is almost not more important than a top of the range costs more than 800 euros. During these years, in fact, it seems that several companies have gone a little too far with i prices, regardless of the fact that new emerging brands were starting to offer good devices with more competitive costs. However, these are not only smartphones belonging to the middle range of the market, but also to the highest one. Among these companies, therefore, it certainly stands out Realme which for several months has officially arrived in Italy with four main products, covering all price ranges. With Realme X2 Protherefore, it placed itself on the top step, trying to amaze not only users but also all the competition. Will he have managed to surprise us too? Find out inside ours Full review.

Realme X2 Pro review


From what is shown in the sales package, we do not notice any particularities that distinguish the product compared to other competitors. Inside, therefore, we find:

  • Realme X2 Pro;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable;
  • wall power supply, with European socket;
  • short instruction manual, also in Italian;
  • pin for the SIM slot;
  • soft TPU cover.

Design & Materials

From the first moment you pick up this smartphone you will notice a not too exciting detail. Taking a look at side edgesin fact, it can be seen that the distance between the front glass and the metal body is quite marked. To divide these two components, therefore, thinks a surface in glossy plastic, which the company has wisely decided to make shiny. Despite this, however, the dimensions are important but not excessive, by measuring 161 x 75,7 x 8,7 mm thick, with a weight of 199 grams. The latter is quite supported but, regarding this point, the device seems to be well balanced. It should be noted, then, the side surface, all satin, and the rear glass which does not, however, return any particular play of light.

Realme X2 Pro

It seems that the company, however, has really done its best to make this smartphone unique. On Realme X2 Pro, in fact, we find a very high attention to detail, with keys which return a good feedback and they are not dancers at all. On the back though, we have a photo gallery too protruding. Compared to the profile of the device, in fact, the difference is a good millimeter. This can be canceled, however, thanks to the cover present in the package. Staying on this point, therefore, we also have the dual flash LEDs and the Realme logo.

Realme X2 Pro

On the upper part there is only the according to microphone for the suppression of environmental noises, while the hole is located at the bottom mini jack for the headphones, the first microphone, the entrance USB Type-C and system speaker. On / off button has been placed on the right, as well as the trolley for it SIM slot, while the volume rocker is located on the left profile.

In the plastic frame that divides the front glass from the body in metal find space there headset capsule, assisted by the presence of proximity and brightness sensors, as well as by the selfie camera which was embedded in a notch to drop.


If we take a look at the technical characteristics of the of this smartphone, we note that a unit resides on board Super AMOLED da 6,5 inches diagonal, with refresch rate a 90Hz. Obviously the resolution is in FHD + (2400 x 1080 pixels), with density of PPI 402 and protection Corning Gorilla Glass 5. At most, this panel can reach a brightness of 1.000 nits.

Realme X2 Pro

By observing i colors of this display, we note a fairly good color fidelity. I would have expected, in fact, much deeper blacks, even if these in any case do not veer to slight inclinations of the smartphone. On all other shades, however, there is a typical rainbow effect, which also in this case I would have expected to see at greater inclinations. Despite everything, however, the chromatic fidelity expressed by this unit is good, as well as the visibility in direct sunlight. From this point of view, in fact, the brightness sensor has always proven reactive and precise.

even the touch screen he never showed any stumbling, practically not losing any touch. During the most excited writing phases, in fact, you can also write very quickly without problems. If we take a look at the top, then, we notice a notch teardrop containing the selfie camera. This part of the screen, therefore, is practically unused for most of the time but, despite this, it does not create too many problems within the individual apps. On Instagram, for example, this component is inhibited, allowing any creator to manage all the options without critical issues.

Hardware & Performance

Not everyone will know that on this smartphone there is a truly remarkable hardware sector, especially considering the price at which it is offered. Inside Realme X2 Pro, therefore, we find a Qualcomm SoC Snapdragon 855 + (2,6GHz), accompanied by 8GB of RAM LPDDR4X e 128GB of internal UFS 3.0 memory (in our configuration). Different versions are also available, regarding the various memory cuts, with the 64GB model of storage that only has a USF 2.1 unit. Taking a look at the chipset, however, we notice how it is just an absolute top of the range, which is currently present on all the main high-end smartphones.

Which is why you don't have to worry about anything performance. This device, in fact, is able to manage practically every type of task well, even those that require some extra effort. During all the days of test therefore, I always managed to use the smartphone quickly, without incurring any jamming. Moreover, thanks to its SoC temperature they always stay low, really heating up poco in the back. With such a display, it will not be so difficult to view any video on the screen, as well as to watch content on Netflix o Amazon Prime Video. On board, in fact, we find a Widevine L1 type certification, which will allow us to enjoy the highest possible quality. As you can see from the graphs in the gallery, he did not convince during the stress tests, going in thermal throttling almost immediately.

In the management of RAM this product is placed on average performance, resulting not too conservative but not too permissive. After a short period of time, therefore, some application it will still be open in the background, allowing us to work without continually reopening our projects. Even after very intensive use of the machine, however, I did not experience any system slowdown. Only in some rare cases, however, I was able to attend one sudden closure of some applications, a sign that optimization is still a sore point of this Realme X2 Pro. During the gaming phases, however, you will have no problems at any time. Thanks to Adreno GPU 640in fact, it will be possible to play even the best performing titles, such as Call of Duty Mobile, without any critical issues.



A customization of has been installed on Realme X2 Pro Android 9 Pie, Or the ColorOS 6.1. Although the product has already been updated in this period, only the November 2019 security patch. Despite this point, however, I did not find any disturbances with the software, managing to navigate more than satisfactorily within the whole system. With that interface, then, you will have to acquire a little familiarity, because in any case it is a very different style compared to that presented by many other brands. Only those who arrive from Xiaomi, perhaps, will be slightly more facilitated.

As usual, therefore, the coloros it presents itself with a very colorful style, starting right from the quick toggles that can be viewed by pulling down the notification curtain. Again, then, the settings they are many and very confused. A little more order would certainly be more useful, but perhaps for this aspect we will have to wait for the new version of this software. Therefore, there are some important ones instruments system such as the calculator, compass, weather and the "Clone phone" function. The latter will give you the possibility to create a copy of your device, so that you can transfer all the data to another device. Then we will also have the application relating to the management of the phone, thanks to which we can optimize the smartphone, check the security of our contents and poco other.

Obviously all the are also present gesture full screen, which work very well, as well as the "Smart Assistant" option, which will provide you with some shortcuts and various other quick functions. You can activate this menu by swiping to the right, starting from the home. However, there are still small inaccuracies in the system. Sometimes there are some small bugs and rarely there are also some sudden closure of the applications. We would not expect this from an excessively expensive device but, in this case, almost everything can be forgiven. Despite this, it is clear how it is a top of the range, but with due reservations.


Let's take a first look at the whole photographic sector of this smartphone. Starting with main sensor, find a goal Samsung GW1 da 64 mega-pixels with aperture f / 1.8. One follows wide-angle lens da 8 mega-pixels, with a viewing angle of 115 ° and aperture f / 2.2, to continue with a telephoto da 13 mega-pixels  with aperture f / 2.5, which is able to offer one 2x optical zoom and hybrid zoom up to 5x. We also have a smaller lens from 2 mega-pixels used for the calculation of depth of field. On the front, however, we find a lens from 16 mega-pixels with f / 2.0 opening.

How to take photos of day? I have to say that Realme X2 Pro doesn't behave badly during the daytime. I would have expected more, though details, especially when the lighting is optimal. Despite this, the color reproduction is fairly faithful to reality, although these tend to return tone a little too vivid. It didn't convince me that much 2x optical zoom, because in my opinion it changes the colors of the original image too much, as well as it 5x hybrid zoom. With the lens wide-angle, instead, you will not be able to get photos worthy of note, due to a really poor quality. However, all the functions related to artificial intelligence, responsible for recognizing some scenes, will be present. Precisely on this point, the software will tend to saturate the some even more colors main, but the differences from the original shot will not be so obvious. Nothing to report, however, regarding theHDR, which if kept automatic is activated very few times.

In night shots the situation changes only when you take advantage of night mode. In that case, in fact, a different lighting management is applied, which tends to make the image sharper. Without this option the photos are only sufficient, considering that the artificial lighting is not managed too badly by the system. Let's say that with a photographic sector of this type we would have expected something better even at night.

About the selfie camera, it must be said that the photos are good for social use. We do not find a very high level of detail and overexposure, when using thebokeh effect, it is too high. Despite this, just this last feature, manages to cut out the faces and subjects in the foreground well, so it is promoted.


Realme X2 Pro can shoot movies in 4K is 60fps, ma anche in 1080p to 60fps. In the first case the images are not too different from those recorded in 1080p, also showing similar electronic stabilization. From this point of view, therefore, i video they are not too stable and show a quality already described by the photographic sector. By the way, it will also be possible to switch from one perspective to another, both in 4K and 1080p.

In case you want to take advantage of the mode Ultra Stable, know that you cannot take advantage of any of the other optics present, being able to record only in 1080p to 60fps. With 4K, in fact, this mode will be deactivated automatically. Despite this, I have not noticed too many differences compared to the normal stabilization of the smartphone, a sign that probably this option is not yet fully functional.


Although the price is really very low, on this smartphone practically nothing is missing from this point of view. Realme X2 Pro, therefore, first of all equips itself with a module 802.11 Wi-Fi a / b / g / n / ac which can satisfy even in the most difficult areas of the home. In case you were out of a public place, however, you could rely on the LTE network, which with Fastweb has allowed me to almost always navigate in 4G + (even within the walls of the house).

Realme X2 Pro

However, there is no shortage NFC, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS / Beidou / Galileo (dual frequency), input USB Type-C, dual 4G nano-SIM. It is not possible, however, to expand the internal memory with a microSD. All these components, however, I have been able to personally test them and I have not encountered any problems with any of them.

I remind you that, also on this smartphone, there are two main unlocking systems. On the one hand, in fact, we have the sensor for the fingerprints which is positioned under the display and which works quite well. This is reactive but the covered area is really limited, not always being able to recognize our finger perfectly. With the facial unblockinstead, we will have the opportunity to take advantage of the selfie camera to access the device. In this case, however, it is only one 2D technology, therefore poco safety. What pleasantly surprised me, however, is its infallibility even in completely dark areas. In case you keep it active, therefore, you can always use it, in any light condition.


From the point of view of quality Audio, this product does not express noteworthy performances. In fact, we do not have stereo audio, because all the sounds are reproduced by the speaker placed at the bottom. Despite this, however, its yield differs from that returned by the middle band, returning a high volume and low which, although not very marked, are present. Everything improves further with the use of special good quality headphones.

During the calls you will have no problem conversing with your interlocutor. On the other hand, in fact, they will always hear us clearly and without any disturbance. During all the tests, therefore, I have never encountered any problems, even in the most crowded places.


On board this device there is a battery from 4.000 mAh. I was not able to monitor it properly, however, due to a ColorOS that does not provide any graphics or information regarding this point. Using me GSam Batterytherefore, I tried to take note of the use of this device, although some data are not precise. Despite this point, however, I must say that on the autonomy side this smartphone does not fear rivals. I have always managed to arrive until the evening, even with a very stressful use made of a mixture of Wi-Fi and 4G, several tens of minutes of GPS active, Bluetooth connected for a few hours a true wireless headphones and throughout the day to Amazfit Verge Lite, web browsing, intensive use of Instagram, Whatsapp and Telegram. So I reached 8 hours on screen turned on, on a basis of 18 hours of continuous use. Even if you exploited all its potential in a milder way, you would be able to cover almost two full days.

If you were worried about charging issues, however, just know that in yourself 30 minutes you pass by 10 to 100%. All this is made possible thanks to Super VOOC and the power supply in the package, from 50W. It will really be enough poco, therefore, to get a satisfactory charge to reach the end of the day.

Price & Conclusions

Realme X2 Pro presents a price of 449 € in Italy, in our 8 / 128GB variant. This is a figure, therefore, much lower than any other smartphone with this type of hardware. Having a device with Snapdragon 855 + for less than 500 euros, it's a real feat. As we know, however, when you buy a smartphone you don't just buy the hardware, but the whole system as a whole. Reason why I think that this device has yet to grow in certain aspects, to try to express even more its power.

Despite this, however, it is a good product, which certainly can appeal to many users who do not want to spend more than 800 euros to take home a top of the range.

Design & Construction
Hardware & Performance
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