POCOPHONE: the new device could be called "POCO X2 ", that's why


For a few days now, numerous people have continued to arrive information about the new devices branded POCOPHONE. In fact, this brand has just become independent, and now wants to land on the market with new products. In the past few hours, therefore, has released a trailer su Twitter, in which it heralds the imminent arrival of something new. But looking good at some frame of this clip, we probably discover the real name of the company's next device.

Did you find the easter egg in the video trailer?

As already anticipated by some users, it seems that the video released a few hours ago on the web hide a easter egg. Not everyone, perhaps, will have noticed it, but in an initial frame there is probably the name of the next device of the Chinese brand. If we take a look at the screen you find below, it is clear how conversazione on the left you have four letters. Looking down on the letters inside the verse circles, you recompose the word "POCO".

POCOPHONE F2 will be done: patent filed by Xiaomi

In addition to this, however, the name of the model concerned. Among the various characters indicated on the column, in fact, we find a particular letter and number. We note, therefore, an "X" and a "2". And if the name of the next smartphone is really "POCO X2"? We still don't know how true there is in these assumptions, but we believe that all this has been included for a reason. Maybe even to take us astray.

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