POCOPHONE F2 will be done: patent filed by Xiaomi

pocophone little logo xiaomi pocophone f2

The advent of the Redmi K series has led us to speculate that in the intent of Xiaomi there was no longer a new chapter for the brand POCO. Hypothesis that has been denied at the end of 2019 by Alvin Tse himself, suggesting juicy news for this 2020. And so it looks like it will be, with a new patent in which we see mentioned the long-awaited POCO F2. The patent refers to some documents filed on December 4 at the China Trademark Office, referring to the name of the device itself.

Did you know that Xiaomi could have had another name?

Xiaomi patents the monicker POCO F2, confirming its existence

Let's take a step back in time, more precisely in June 2018, when the same happened with POCO F1. This was followed by the official launch, which took place two months later in August 2018. This could mean that the launch of the Pocophone F2 could be almost around the corner, although we do not want to instill too much hope in it. Could there be an event at the MWC 2020? We personally doubt it, since the series POCO it is mainly addressed to the Indian market, while at the Catalan fair usually the news mostly concern the western market.

Corridor rumors speak of a possible launch in February / March in India, as it should not be marketed in the country Xiaomi Mi 10 e We 10 Pro, at least initially. In doing so, India would also have a top of the range, but with an eye to the wallet.

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