Bomaker Ondine II review: the 80W soundbar

In today's review we will not talk about smartphones or notebooks, but we will analyze an audio device, in more detail I refer to the soundbar Bomaker Ondine II. How did you behave during our tests? Will it be a good product to accompany our quality TV, but with a slightly lacking audio side? We just have to find out in our article.

Bomaker Ondine II review


Inside the sales package we find the following equipment:

  • Bomaker Ondine II;
  • remote control (without batteries);
  • power supply;
  • optical cable;
  • adapter cable from 3.5 mm jack to 2 RCA;
  • screws for wall mounting;
  • instruction manual.

Design and construction

La Bomaker Ondine II has a elegant design e pleasant to view, perfect to be placed on the shelf or on a piece of furniture in front of a TV. Obviously the context of reference should be modern, otherwise it could clash.

Bomaker Ondine II

Leaving aside this purely subjective aspect, the soundbar It is made of aluminum with some parts of the coating in plasticwhich, however, turns out to be of good quality. In fact, I found no defects in the assembly or points where the device tended to flex.

Bomaker Ondine II

Speaking of size, this measure 94 x 7.7 x 6.6 centimeters for a total weight of approx 2.32 kilograms. So make sure you have a table top that is at least 1 meter long.

Above we find some keys through which to control the soundbar such as the power on / off, the volume, the Bluetooth mode and the mode switch (between BT, optical, HDMI Arc, AUX), while at the rear we find the relative inputs with the addition of a USB port and DC Power. Finally, on the front there is the IR sensor and a small display.


  • Sound channel: 2.0;
  • Power Consumption: 80W;
  • Power supply: DC 19V = 2.5A;
  • Driver: 2.25 ″ x 4;
  • Distortion: 0.5%;
  • Sound pressure level: 110 dB;
  • Bluetooth 5.0

Audio quality

I have tested this soundbar taking advantage of all its inputs and I was particularly surprised by the quality with the Bluetooth 5.0. In fact, although you feel that you lose a little bit compared toHDMI ARC el 'optical, we still have one good cleaning sound with a good native frequency balance.

As for this aspect through the remote control we can choose 3 mode: General (standard), Voice (to better emphasize the dialogues) e Treble (to emphasize the highs). For each of them we can then equalize the sound better, or rather we can do it only for the highs. We can also activate or deactivate the mode 3D surround.

Speaking of the mode General I found a good compromise between high and low although there is no integrated subwoofer. At maximum volume with Bluetooth you hear that the quality is going down, but it is with theHDMI ARC that it is possible to make the most of its potential. To do this you will need to have a TV that has this output and then in the settings you will have to select PCM as an audio output, otherwise you will not be able to hear anything.

In general the Bomaker Ondine II it's a soundbar very powerful and also perfect for listening to music, as well as for watching movies or for classic TV use.

Conclusions - Bomaker Ondine II

In conclusion we are faced with one balanced soundbar and that does its job without any particular problems. I was satisfied with the general quality and the Bluetooth mode, but I would have preferred perhaps the cost had been more content.

Indeed, on Amazon la Bomaker Ondine II it is located approx 89.99 €, a figure that is close to that of more famous competitors like Panasonic, Sony o Samsung.