POCO detaches itself from Xiaomi and teases us about new models

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Ever since Honor "broke away" from Huawei and embarked on its way, other manufacturers have taken this path. Just think of OPPO with Realme, as well as Vivo with iQOO and Nubia with Red Magic. But the main example, after that of Huawei, is that of Xiaomi, since when in January 2019 decided to make it Redmi an independent entity. And 12 months later the brand too POCO receives the same treatment, officially separating from the parent company. But what will this entail?

Upgrade 21 / 01: The new video teaser released from the Twitter page of POCO India anticipates the start of the second "season". Or rather, the second wave of devices that we will witness during 2020. One of these, at least in India, should be the rebrand of Redmi K30, as indicated by the latest certification of the BIS body. The code name M1912G7BI would correspond to that of M1912G7BE / C of the Redmi 4G model.

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History repeats itself: POCO and Xiaomi separate, as happened with Redmi

The announcement was made by Manu Kumar Jain, Global vice president and general manager of the Indian division of Xiaomi. It is no coincidence, given that the brand POCO it is based primarily in India. And in fact the new reference Twitter page will be @IndiaPOCO, as well as the official website has Indian extension.

It was August 2018 when POCO everyone was surprised with his Pocophone F1, appreciated by many and held up as the spiritual heir of the "flagship killer" concept inaugurated by OnePlus. And almost two years later, the time seems decidedly ripe for his successor. Even because the latter patent confirms the existence of the long-awaited Pocophone F2. However, instead of concrete rumors, many fakes have recently appeared on the net that referred to a phantom Pocophone X2.