Huawei Band Maps brings Google Maps on Huawei and Honor wearables

Huawei Band Maps

You know Mi Band Maps, the developer's app Francesco Re which allows you to use Xiaomi wearables for browsing via Google Maps? Whatever your answer, if you use a smartband Huawei Band 3 Pro (or 2 Pro) or one Honor Band 4, now you can also use this very useful tool, called Huawei Band Maps!

Upgrade 27 / 01: from today the app is officially supported for Huawei Band 4.

28 / 08 updates: version 3.0.6 is now available for Huawei Band 2 Pro, 3 Pro, Honor Band 4 and for the Huawei Watch and Honor Watch Magic smartwatches.

Huawei Band Maps takes navigation with Google Maps on Huawei and Honor wearables

Huawei Band Maps

The beauty is that to have Google Maps on your trusty accessory you will not need complex procedures and modding. Just download the application Huawei Band Maps directly from the Google Play Store, pair the Huawei / Honor smartband you own and enable notifications. After this procedure, once you start Maps from your smartphone you will receive the desired information directly on the wearable. Convenient, isn't it?

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Among the languages ​​available we also have Italian - obviously - which is why the app is even more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Band Maps is available for free in Play Store - using the badge below - but some features will be limited. There are the basic indications "departure" and "continue straight" but to be able to view all the navigation indications it will be necessary to unlock using a in-app purchase (for the price of a coffee, €0.99).

Play Store

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