Comparison Roborock S5 Max vs Cecotec Conga 5090: challenge between titans!

Roborock S5 Max vs Cecotec Conga 5090

Difficult to extricate between all the various robot vacuum cleaner present on the market. At the moment, in fact, these products are in great demand, therefore many companies have launched themselves in the production of these devices. Although there are already better prepared brands than others in this area, you can never take it for granted than a accessory it works better than the other. You have to perform several tests and compare the various units under test. What we did, therefore, was to put two very good robots against each other, which we have already had the opportunity to review on our channels. It's about Roborock S5 Max e Cecotec Conga 5090. How did they behave in our comparison? Which of the two will prevail in this challenge?

Comparison Roborock S5 Max vs Cecotec Conga 5090


If on the one hand these two robots are very similar, on the other they have one equipment really different initial sales. We must therefore specify that in this case Cecotec Conga 5090 wins the challenge hands down. Inside its packaging, in fact, there are several spare parts, including two cloths for washing and well two brushes side. If this were not enough, then, three different main brushes are also provided, which find space right under the robot and take care of the collection of most stubborn dirt. Each of them has a certain characteristic, which makes it more effective on certain surfaces.

Su Roborock S5 Max we do not have all this choice, since in sales box only theessential. In case you want to replace some component, therefore, it would be necessary to proceed with the purchase of new spare parts. Since its selling price it is not really content, the brand could also have made a greater effort, introducing some additional accessories. We are not, however, to report again everything that is in these packs, given that a complete list of the various parts is already available in the individual Reviews.

Design & Materials

We must immediately specify that these two products have different sales prices. There are a hundred euros of difference and this type of aspect could greatly influence some choices, even on a stylistic level. Despite this, however, they are more similar than you think, so we will face this comparison in the most objective way possible, starting right from the design.

These two products do not present many differences in terms of aesthetics, being both equipped with a central turret, used to map the entire house. If we take a look at the dimensions, then, we find many analogies. From this point of view, in fact, Roborock S5 Max turns out to be slightly bigger, and even higher, but it is a distance of a few centimeters. We do not report, however, the precise measurements of the two models, simply because on Cecotec Conga 5090 we are not sure that the information found on the net is completely correct. In fact, these values ​​are not indicated on the official website.

The whole top of the Conga 5090 is coated in glass, giving the product a premium appearance. Therefore, slightly less was used on this model plastic that of Roborock S5 Max, resulting in general also more solid than the latter. From a certain point of view, in fact, the plastics are very similar, but on the Cecotec device they give a greater sense of robustness. Also from a technical point of view, then, we do not find differences regarding the arrangement of some components, such as i fall arrest sensors e Collision. On Roborock S5 Max, however, the side brush has a better quality, managing to effectively reach all angles. We are, however, in the presence of two products that have opted for one minimal design. There are, in fact, only two buttons on the upper part, both used for the same functions.

Observing the arrangement of the components for the dirt collectionwe also notice some differences. On Roborock S5 Max it is necessary to lift the lid and remove the special container, while on Cecotec Conga 5090 this is extracted from the back, through a simple hooking system. Beyond these points, however, we do not notice any other particular differences. In this respect, therefore, Conga 5090 ranks first.


We are comparing two products which, in every respect, present different software. Roborock S5 Maxtherefore, you can enjoy all the experience accumulated over time, thanks also to the various collaborations with Xiaomi. We have, therefore, an integration with theofficial app almost flawless. Thanks to it, in fact, it will be possible to control our robot in total freedom, being able to take advantage of the many functions present inside.

Cecotec Conga 5090 provides anWhatsapp that can't match the competition. In our opinion, in fact, at the level of functions we are on a lower step. We do not find, therefore, the elasticity offered by the Roborock app, as well as his stability in any condition. As said also in the complete review of this product, in fact, more than once it happened that the software stopped working properly. It is not known why sometimes ours account it is no longer properly recognized by the application, showing us a connection error. This problem can be overcome by using the supplied remote control. With this accessory, however, you cannot have access to a very high level of personalization of cleaning.

If we take a look at the functions present, however, we do not notice any particular differences. Up Roborock S5 Maxhowever, there is greater freedom of movement. Thanks to its editor, in fact, you can customize the map of your home in a timely manner, taking care of every detail. It must be specified, however, that the Conga 5090 it is also compatible with Google Assistant e Alexa, although this feature still needs to be updated and improved.

Hardware & Performance

There are several data that we could compare in this article. We want, however, to emphasize one particular feature. On the one hand, in fact, Roborock S5 Max proposes a power equal to 2.000 Pawhile on the other side Cecotec Conga 5090 offers 8.000 Pa. It is therefore a substantial difference. How much does it affect, however, on a practical level? In our opinion, therefore, this technical specification is not as fundamental as one might believe. We cannot deny, however, that the amount of dirt collected by the Conga 5090 is slightly higher, all things being equal.

If we have to judge the operation of these two machines, the ratings are reversed. It will seem strange, therefore, but the S5 Max turns out to be much more reliable than the Conga 5090. It is not, however, an assessment of the quality in cleaning, as much as the precision in the movements. With the Roborock product, in fact, you can take advantage of aartificial intelligence slightly finer than that of the competition. This robot, in fact, has never failed in anyone angle and has always calculated well the spaces around him. The same cannot be said of the counterpart, because in this case there have been occasions when the device has struggled to extricate itself in some areas. From a certain point of view, the Conga is more precise and scrupulous in cleaning, but it moves less precisely.

In case you have kids steps at home, by 2-3 centimeters in height, both solutions are valid. When automatic turbo mode is set, near carpets, only Roborock manages to activate in the right time. From this point of view, therefore, the Cecotec device takes too long to recognize what is underneath it, delaying for several seconds the switching on of the turbo. A lance must also be broken in favor of the latter product, however, because in terms of cleaning it offers a much more accurate system.

Whether you use the standard mode, whether you take advantage of the form for wash, I found this robot more effective. With Roborock S5 Max you can still clean an entire house, but it seems that everything is done in a more summary way. Looking at the washing form of Cecotec Conga 5090then, we notice the presence of two compartments: one for water, the same size as that of the challenger, and one for dirt. During cleaning, therefore, the robot sends the dirt captured in this small box, preventing everything from mixing inside the tank with the liquid. It is a refinement, therefore, that we do not find on the S5 Max.


At the level of autonomy the challenge is not entirely balanced. Up Roborock S5 Maxin fact, a unit from 5.200 mAhwhile on Cecotec Conga 5090 we have a battery from 6.400 mAh. From this point of view, therefore, the Conga returns a good, but not better, duration, still covering a really large area with a single charge. In fact, it must be considered that the greater power requires a greater expenditure of energy, although the distance to the Roborock is not so great anyway.

Both are able to cover an area of 200 square meters nominal without problems. Note, however, the observation of longer times to cover the same area by the Conga 5090, which on average can also use 10 minutes more than Roborock. The movements performed by these two robots are practically identical, but Cecotec wastes a lot of time scanning the room, which is why the final results show certain values.

With these two products, however, you won't have any autonomy problems. If they were to unload, in fact, they would return directly to basis independently, recharging just enough to complete the cleaning of the missing area. Unless you own a very large house, however, you will hardly be able to put these two devices in crisis in this aspect.

Price & Conclusions

Cecotec Conga 5090 has a list price of 599 €, while Roborock S5 Max it hovers on 420 €. It is, therefore, a considerable difference in economic terms. This is why our choice falls on the S5 Max, although there are some important shortcomings. At the level of accessoriesin fact, the sales budget is really meager. About the operation, however, we did not experience a huge difference with the Cecotec device, although the latter cleans more thoroughly than the competition. The latter device, in fact, has a much more refined and side system design, it has nothing to envy to other similar products on the market.

Our choice, therefore, falls on the relationship quality price, to which many users are always attentive. In any case, these are two excellent products that, regardless of the asking price, we would be ready to recommend to any type of buyer. We leave you below, therefore, i link to proceed with the purchase of the two robot vacuum cleaners.

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