HeroBook Pro arrives in the CHUWI store on Amazon

Chuwi herobook pro

After the announcement of late December, here is finally the new low budget notebook of the Chinese manufacturer is ready for debut. CHUWI HeroBook Pro - improved version of the previous model - is available for purchase on Amazon, sold by the official brand store and sent from the e-commerce platform, obviously with Prime.

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CHUWI HeroBook Pro arrives on Amazon, in the official brand store and with Prime shipping

Chuwi herobook pro

For those who had lost some detail, CHUWI HeroBook Pro is the company's new ultrabook, once again characterized by an elegant design, a metal body and an economic price. The terminal is an updated version of the previous HeroBook (here you find our review), with specifics to improve in many ways. Instead of the E8000 processor, we have a more powerful Intel at this round N4000. In addition, you can also go up the memories side, with 8 GB of RAM LPDDR4 e 256 GB of storage SSD.

In short, these are improvements that do not go unnoticed and that allow you to have more power available. As anticipated earlier, the whole is enclosed in a metal case weighing only 1.39 kg, while the on-board display is a unit IPS da 14.1 "Full HD. CHUWI HeroBook Pro is available for purchase on Amazon, through the official CHUWI store and with Prime shipping.

Last updated the 08 / 04 / 2020 12: 59

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