Black Shark 3 will go further, with a 2 Hz 120K display

black shark logo

The second chapter of the Black Shark family made its debut in spring 2019. And although we saw an updated sequel to it in late summer, the real Black Shark 3 it will arrive in the first half of 2020. Its launch seems to be approaching with great strides: not surprisingly, in recent days we have begun to understand what pasta will be made of. First of all, to want to position itself as the first phone in the world to boast of an exaggerated cut from 16 GB of RAM. But the innovation for Black Shark will also pass through the , which has always been a fundamental component in a device such as a smartphone.

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The display of Black Shark 3 will satisfy even the most demanding in gaming

black shark 3 display

These screenshots would be taken from an existing Black Shark 3 unit, with quite explicit information on its screen. Starting from the resolution, with a peak in 2K which can be adjusted through the appropriate menu within the settings. The items in the image allow you to select between “1080p, "2K"and "Smart resolution“, With the latter which should automatically switch between the two options depending on the circumstance.

The other news will concern the update frequency, finally in step with the times when it comes to top of the range, especially if for gaming. If Black Shark 2 Pro had "only" higher touch latency (240 Hz), the screen of Black Shark 3 could go up to 120 Hz. Also in this case there will be a menu to select 3 levels, from 60, 90 and 120 Hz, as well as being able to operate the system independently.

black shark 3 battery

Between rumors and another, there is also no lack of information regarding the battery. According to the leaker Digital Chat Station, Black Shark 3 should contain a large battery to 4700 mAh, able to charge quickly via Flash Charge a 30.

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