ASUS ZenFone 5z: January security patches arrive, and beyond

asus zenfone 5z

If we take a look at the latest products marketed by ASUS, we can only count among them too ZenFone 5z. After the success obtained with the standard variant, in fact, the brand decided to offer a slightly more powerful device, not completely distorting the user experience. Years after its release, therefore, this smartphone continues to receive important ones updates, from all points of view. So much so that in the past few hours, here in Italy, the new ones have started to arrive January security patch, and not only.

ZenFone 5z receives further improvements to the system

ASUS ZenFone 5z

A few months ago we told you about ASUS ZenFone 5zon the occasion of the arrival on this device of Android 10. During this new year, therefore, the company wants to continue following the product, not leaving its users behind. This is why the new ones have been released in the past few hours January security patch 2020, with many other news. Within this update from 158MB, arrived away OTA also in Italy, we find several fixes, including:

  • Solved the problem of 4G + icons disappeared after suspension and reactivation;
  • Fixed an issue on the Google Play Store that would stop working if the data download was greater than 1GB;
  • Fixed an issue with the ASUS Contacts user interface;
  • Fixed an issue with the hotspot whitelist that could not be eliminated;
  • Improved performance of the media database refresh;
  • Updated the APN settings of different operators, including foreigners.
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