Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Review: TWS not to be missed

xiaomi mi air review 2

Lei Jun's company continues its journey into the world of TWS headphones: after the AirDots and AirDots Pro it is time for our review of the latest Xiaomi Mi Air 2. Launched in September at home, the company's new True Wireless headphones follow in the footsteps of the previous models and renew the challenge at the Cupertino AirPods, at a reasonable price. But what are the new features of the 2 Mi Air? Is it worth upgrading? Find out in our full review!

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Review

xiaomi mi air review 2


Inside the sales package - once again an elongated cardboard, similar in design to the Pro model - we find the following equipment:

  • Xiaomi Mi Air 2;
  • transport / recharge houses;
  • USB Type-C charging cable;
  • manuals.

Design and construction quality

xiaomi mi air review 2

Compared with the previous generation, the Xiaomi Mi Air 2 bring some news on the design front. On this tour Xiaomi has abandoned the In-Ear style, preferring a classic wearability and setting aside "invasive" solutions for the inside of the ear. Wearing them will not cause any discomfort and the password is convenience, at any cost. However, just like the Pro model, these are quite conspicuous TWS headphones and this is the price to pay for opting for a Cupertino-like design (the latter, however, are decidedly less bulky and with a more slender body). Unfortunately, the comparison with rivals is - by necessity - necessary.

xiaomi mi air review 2

However, if the dimensions are not a problem (or if you come from the AirDots Pro), then the Xiaomi Mi Air 2 will do just fine. Once again there are no physical buttons, relying exclusively on touch controls, which are much more responsive and accurate than in the past.

  • Double tap on one of the two earpieces: answer / close a call
  • Double tap on right earpiece: Play / Pause
  • Double tap on left earpiece: activate the voice assistant

Unfortunately it is not possible to control the volume and this feature cannot even be set manually via thecompanion app. The latter - which allows you to customize the touch functions - also allows you to use taps to change tracks, but these are features aimed at a Chinese audience. In fact the application is not available to us Westerners and proceeding with the installation of the APK we will immediately notice the first, unassailable limit: the presence of the Chinese language only.

They return to the features of the 2 Mi Air, the TWS headphones integrate a proximity sensor and removing one of the two during music playback, it will automatically pause. To resume, just wear the headset again: even in this case, the music will continue where interrupted in total autonomy. In short, it is a very comfortable solution and one that gains a point in favor compared to the Pro model, where to resume music it was necessary to put Play manually once worn.

As regards the homes of recharge, the design continues its evolution towards more squared shapes. Laterally we have a button for coupling, at the bottom a USB Type-C port and a small LED on the front to indicate the status of the device. In terms of weight, the box (including headphones) reaches up to 50 grams, so portability will certainly not be a problem.

Connectivity and noise reduction

To pair the Xiaomi Mi Air 2 with your smartphone, simply open the recharge box, hold down the side button to start the pairing et voity. As already seen for the other Xiaomi True Wireless headphones, by extracting them these will automatically connect to the paired device, in this case via Bluetooth 5.0. Xiaomi's new headphones support the noise cancellation through two microphones on the upper part (at the bottom, between the charging connectors, we find the main microphones).

xiaomi mi air review 2

However it is good to specify that it is not the ANC technology seen on board various models, but rather the double passive noise cancellation or PNC (and it cannot be controlled using touch controls). Thanks to this technology it is possible to benefit from better audio during calls, effectively reducing background noise.

Audio quality and autonomy

After talking about design and quality and the various features of the new Xiaomi TWS headphones, the moment has finally arrived at the heart of the matter. How is the audio quality of the 2 Mi Air? The sound reproduced by the headphones immediately appears much clear e clean, much to rival the enemy AirPods 2, even if compared to the Huawei FreeBuds 3 they are slightly lower (but in any case we are turning towards other shores in terms of price). The balance of the bassi it is excellent and these are valued rightly, without excesses and without being too intrusive.

xiaomi mi air review 2

Il volume maximum does not reach the level of rivals, but is still quite high, more than that of other TWS products. Even in terms of insulation, we are on excellent levels, while the calls sector is working very well. We clearly hear the voice of our interlocutor and with an adequate volume (without the annoying "wadding" effect typical of some products).

Speaking of autonomy, while using the headphones at maximum volume we have slightly exceeded the 3 hours, while at lower volumes it is possible to reach 4 hours of autonomy (which rise to around 14 using the charging of the homes). Basic and headphone charging takes place in just over an hour.

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Review - Price and conclusions

We have reached the end of the review of the Xiaomi Mi Air 2 and the time has come to draw our conclusions. In this round, the Chinese company has definitely hit the mark, offering a quality product that is certainly not free from defects (such as a slight latency during video playback), but able to give great satisfaction during use. In short, the brand's new TWS headsets annihilate many direct competitors in the same price range and - in some respects - even compete with rivals of a higher range. The price from China settles around the 57 € with the Coupon found below; if they arrive in Italy for a similar amount, even with 10 / 20 € more, they will continue to be a great buy.

In short, we find ourselves - without too many frills - in front of the umpteenth bestbuy branded Xiaomi. The 2 Mi Air sound good (so much so that they can rival superior models, like the 2 AirPods), have adequate volume and offer good autonomy, all at a price that is more than competitive.

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 - Banggood

The new TWS headphones from Xiaomi!

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