Xiaomi wants to become a leader in fast charging

xiaomi mi charge turbo xiaomi mi 9 pro 5g

Having embraced the Qualcomm platform far and wide, many of the top-of-the-range (and non-top) smartphones produced by Xiaomi they leaned on the standard Quick Charge. If the batteries are struggling to take off from an evolutionary point of view, the same cannot be said for the quick charging, with more and more producers launching their own variant. And it is precisely in China where the hardware is pushed to the maximum and results are obtained like those achieved by Huawei, OPPO and OnePlus. And it is these brands that have made the competition eat dust, with phones that can recharge in a few minutes.

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In the objectives of Xiaomi there is also the improvement in fast charging

Of this Xiaomi was well aware, as stated by the CEO Lei Jun today, noting that it has lagged behind its competitors in past years. Also because of the Quick Charge 5 it is rumored but there is still nothing concrete, I Quick Charge 4 is poco widespread and in the meantime companies like OPPO and Huawei have broken previous records. To date OPPO and its Super VOOC 2.0 from 65W have the primacy, followed by Realme and some OPPO models with the Super VOOC from 50W, Samsung and its Quick Charge to 45W, Vivo / iQOO and the Ultra Fast Charge from 44W e Huawei with the SuperCharge from 40W.

To this last step one is from poco also added Xiaomi which, after the launch of the last Mi 9 Pro 5G, showed what pasta is made. The smartphone not only enjoys a wired recharge on (but also above) other devices, but also the wireless standard at 30W is worthwhile. At that time it was in fact the smartphone with the most powerful wireless charging in circulation, a sign of how Xiaomi wanted to invest in this respect. And we can only hope for the best for Xiaomi Mi 10, with very high expectations, given that we talk about a battery capable of recharge at 66W.

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