Xiaomi Heated Cotton Socks Review: the perfect companion against the cold

Xiaomi Cotton Smith Warming Gown Review

After trying the Xiaomi 90 FUN heated jacket the time has come for another product designed to keep the coldest people warm in times of need (and with winter approaching ...). Once again it is an accessory that comes directly from YouPin (you can find it here if you're curious), the crowdfunding platform of the Chinese company, which was created to bring to market products of Xiaomi partner companies or which received approval from the Lei Jun giant. But no more talk, let's start our review of the Xiaomi Cotton Smith heating jacket.

Xiaomi Cotton Smith Warming Gown Review

Design and materials

Xiaomi Cotton Smith Warming Gown Review

Lo Xiaomi Cotton Smith Warming Gilet present a simple but effective design, with a good care for details and perfect seams. The product is made in polyester, with a padding in goose feather (90%); frontally we have a zipper to close the sleeveless while the sides are present two pockets, also in this case with hinges (so as to keep safe any objects you want to keep inside). In the right pocket we find an additional zipper, which allows access to an internal pocket, which acts as housing for the Powerbank that will power the device.

Xiaomi Cotton Smith Warming Gown Review
The Powerbank is not included 😛

Here we find the cable to connect the sleeveless to the portable battery, carefully made and equipped with a fabric covering, which ends with a USB socket. Under the right pocket is the power button, which integrates the LEDs dedicated to temperatures (we will come back to this later). The overall quality is really excellent, both in terms of the external part and the internal one (in both cases in polyester) .

Features and peculiarities

Xiaomi Cotton Smith Warming Gown Review

Just like the heating jacket, even in this case we are faced with a product that can be heated by a Powerbank, but completely waterproof. Therefore there will be no risk in the rain, nor during washing (obviously the charging cable must be inside its housing, closed with a zip). The garment must be washed by hand, as it is a rather delicate product.

Heating system: how it works

Xiaomi Cotton Smith Warming Gown Review

Lo Xiaomi Cotton Smith Warming Gilet allows you to benefit from four heating levels, so as to adapt to any need. Once the Powerbank is connected via the USB cable in the inner pocket of the right pocket, a single press of the power button will be enough to start the device. This has four LEDs, each with a different color that corresponds to a certain temperature:

  • Red LED - 53 ° C
  • Purple LED - 48 ° C
  • Green LED - 43 ° C
  • White LED - 38 ° C

For all four modes, it is provided for shutdown automatic after 3 hours of continuous use. There lumbar of the sleeveless houses a very thin panel of graphene, able to ensure uniform heating throughout the area.

As for the actual use of the product, based on my experience I can suggest two ways. The Heated Sleeving, once activated, releases a slight and pleasant sensation of warmth in the lumbar area and to benefit fully it would be useful to wear it under a fairly wide sweatshirt. In this case, obviously, we are talking about a more sporty and casual clothing; alternatively, it is advisable to use the gilet under the coat. The product is not intended for use alone, but more as an accompaniment for jackets, coats and heavy jackets.

Sizes and sizes

The model we tested for our review is an XL size and in my case it fits perfectly. The sleeveless jacket seems to perfectly reflect our sizes, with a style Slim Fit (and therefore resulting slightly adherent). This aspect should not be taken as a deterrent to take an extra size: the garment is designed to be worn under the coat or jacket, so the fact that it is slightly slim is more than good.

Obviously our suggestions are purely indicative and to have a more in-depth overview, below you will find the mirror made by the company to guide you in choosing the size.

xiaomi cotton smith heating sleeveless review

Xiaomi Heated Cotton Smith Review - Price e Conclusions

After examining it in several ways it Xiaomi Cotton Smith Warming Gilet The time has come for the conclusions of our review. Personally, I am not a lover of this type of garment: sleeveless shirts are absolutely not for me and I generally tend towards something completely different. Nevertheless I must admit that my experience with the product was not at all traumatic, quite the opposite. The Sleeveless fits perfectly and in the cold, covered by the coat, allows for a little extra heating.

In short, it is a valid and well-made solution, currently available at the discounted price of €53, quite reasonable figure. If you are fond of sleeveless or if you want to make an original Christmas gift ... then you have found the right product!

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