Vivo: here is the USB Type-C cable for all gaming smartphones


It is not so many years that several companies have launched into the production of gaming smartphone. To date, however, we find so many models on the market that are forged in this title. Some of them have truly unique characteristics, while others are simply top of the range devices, and nothing more. Among the most famous, perhaps, we can mention ASUS ROG Phone 2, Black Shark 2 Pro and also iQOO Neo. Although these, however, are suitable for a certain type of videogamers, they present a common problem. When charging the product, in fact, it can become annoying to play with the connected cable. Here it is Vivo, therefore, presents its solution to the public.

Vivo offers a T-shaped USB Type-C cable


According to what is shown by the images, Vivo would have found the right solution for all gamers on smartphones. Often, in fact, it happens that the device is downloaded during a game session. This forces the user, therefore, to recharge the device and then play with the cable connected. To avoid all the annoyances that can arise, Vivo proposes a USB Type-C cable with a particular T shape, able to be directed at will.

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Thanks to one sucker sticks to shell back of your smartphone. From the central part, then, it is possible to direct the other end of the cable at the door USB Type-C. This prevents that component from going to disturb the gamer during a gaming session, while at the same time recharging the smartphone. This, then, is about long 1,2 meters and has an anti-tangle system.

Currently the product costs 59 yuan, approximately 7 € at the current exchange rate.