Realme: from 2020 only 5G phones in China


Realme has literally conquered the market in this last period. In fact, since this brand came out on the market, the competition has been forced to run for cover. Therefore, this brand has worked well over the past few months, proposing great device characterized by a relationship quality price really good. It seems that the ambitions of its top management, then, are absolutely in line with the company's performance. From next year, in fact, in China they will come only 5G smartphone.

Realme will abandon the 4G from next year

realm 5g

It seems that at the head of Realme there are really very ambitious people. Otherwise, this type of competitive approach would not be explained. In fact, from next year in China only smartphones with 5G connectivity will be offered. On this territory this network is already very present and most people are exploiting it for some time. Obviously the same is not true for theEurope, where 5G still is poco widespread.

Realme intends to separate from OPPO?

From 2020therefore, Realme will no longer produce smartphones with 4G on board. All Chinese telephone companies are notified. From this point of view, however, we could hypothesize a arrival of only device premium. Instead, Realme aims to develop new devices with 5G also for the market low-cost and middle band.

We'll see, therefore, what new smartphones will arrive on this territory and at what prices.

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