POCOPHONE F2: get ready for 2020!

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Over the past few months we have often talked about a possible arrival of POCOPHONE F2. After the moderate success of the first editionin fact, many users have long hoped to see a new model on the market. However, there have never been such conditions to affirm an imminent presentation of this with certainty smartphone. It seems, however, that something is really moving on the horizon.

Alvin Tse declares the release of POCOPHONE F2 in 2020


Although there is still no official communication on the matter, Alvin Tse has leaked more than a few details. Within a message on Twitter, in fact, the boss of POCOPHONE Global has required to specify to a user the probable exit period of the new company model. What is said, however, has nothing to do with this smartphone.

Xiaomi adds VoWiFi to Redmi K20 and Pocophone F1

In fact, in Alvin Tse 's message it can be seen as in 2020 we will have the opportunity to hear about POCO. We do not know, therefore, if this type of sentence is to be attributed to the release of an unpublished device, or if the brand will decide to release some other particular product. It seems, therefore, that this project is not destined to go down and, in the next year, it could reserve us some surprises.

We await further information on this, in order to inform you as soon as possible.

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