Huawei vs Canada: news for the cause with Meng Wanzhou

huawei meng wanzhou

Last December caused a sensation the arrest of Meng Wanzhou - the CFO of Huawei - occurred in Vancouver, one of the disastrous consequences of the diatribe between the Chinese colossus and the US. All this was solved with the release of the manager, free on bail, but there were no high tensions between the countries involved in the issue and China. And now the consequences are beginning to be felt with the response from the Asian giant's 2 number.

Upgrade 12 / 12: Meng Wanzhou's lawyers have won one of the phases of the process which sees Huawei and the state of Canada in contrast. There request for more evidence by the judge against the Canadian prosecutor led to an advancement of the thesis of the Chinese counterpart. We recall that the CFO's legal team disputes the extradition that took place in Canada on the basis of the allegations made by the US.

According to the lawyers, she was detained, searched and interrogated illegally on behalf of the FBI. The Supreme Court of British Columbia has thus seized the appeal of Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd and, according to the company, these proofs will exonerate Meng from US charges.

Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou against Canada for serious violations of constitutional rights


Meng Wanzhou she was arrested in Canada at the request of the United States, a plot twist that is also an image damage to the brand as well as a clear message of the level at which the relationships between Huawei and the US government.

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According to various newspapers, the company's CFO has sued the Canadian Government, at the border agency and the federal police of the country. The attorneys of the executive state that the way in which the evidence was collected clashes with those that are modalities and values ​​of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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to Reuters reports that the agents of the CBSA (Canadian Border Services Agency) "Intentionally delayed the immediate execution of the arrest warrant and subjected them illegally Meng Wanzhou in detention, search and interrogation in order to gather evidence well before the actual arrest ".

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