Huami is not in competition with Xiaomi, but with Huawei


If we take a look at the most influential companies in the market of w, we certainly find Xiaomi. So even though a real smartwatch has arrived under this brand, then We Watch, the brand has long been engaged in the production of very functional fitness bands. Huami, head of the brand Amazfit, said he was not in competition with Xiaomi anyway, but wanted to compete higher, with Huawei.

Huami challenges Huawei in the wearable market

xiaomi mi band 5

From what we have been able to learn in these hours, it seems that the CEO of Huami, Huang Wang, declared to be in competition with Huawei. In the wearable market, therefore, this character has not taken into consideration Xiaomi and its products related to this sector. Huang Wang, in fact, clarified his position, specifying that in this category Xiaomi is not the real competitor.

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Although some product, like the We Band, are developed in collaboration with Huami, the CEO of this company sees Huawei as the only competitor. These devices, in fact, are very different from those designed by Xiaomi, having a completely different stylistic imprint and purpose. The reason why Huawei could represent the number one challenger in the sector of wearable.

We will see, however, how things will evolve in the coming months and if Huami will actually succeed in annoying this telecommunications giant.

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