The best Christmas gifts under 50 € at Banggood

banggood best christmas gifts under 50 euro

In these days the cold has become even more pungent and in Italy it is already beginning to breathe a festive air, including decorations, lights and the first discounts. And on this occasion could not miss a small selection of Banggood products, with the best Christmas gifts under 50 €. Are you aiming for a savings 25 December, but without disfiguring? Then take a look below!

Here are the best Christmas gifts under the 50 € discount on Banggood | Coupon & Lightning Offers


Are you looking for the best Christmas gifts but want to save money? Then take a look at our selection of offers on the Banggood store.

Xiaomi Geometry Aquarium - Banggood

You are not a true Fan if you do not have it!

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We start well right away, with a gift dedicated to fish lovers. Or you could just take it for yourself ... after all, it's still a product of Lei Jun's company to add to your collection. THE'aquarium Geometry comes directly from the Xiaomi YouPin crowdfunding platform and is equipped with 7 color LED lighting. Equipped with 5V power supply, it can also be used via Powerbank.

Xiaomi ClearGrass CGD1 - Banggood

Bluetooth alarm clock with temperature sensor.

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The alarm ClearGlass CGD1 - also in this case from Xiaomi YouPin - it is another perfect and cheap gift. Besides being able to interface with the smartphone via Bluetooth, it is equipped with a humidity and temperature sensor. The retro style makes it an indispensable product for those who - like myself - appreciate this kind of device.

It continues with the Jordan & Judy slippers from YouPin, perfect for the coldest and made with hypoallergenic materials.

The Xiaomi Mijia graphics tablet from 10 inch will give you great satisfaction, especially for entertaining the little ones. If necessary, it can be used as a reminder or to leave a message and then at such a cheap price ... how to say no!

If the Xiaomi YouPin products never tire of you, then here is the compact sized umbrella KONGGU, available in a flash offer. We leave you with a final round of ideas for your Christmas gifts under 50 €, all with Discount Coupon.

YUIHome Weather Station - Banggood

Directly from Xiaomi YouPin.

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BlitzWolf BW-P11 Powerbank - Banggood

20.000 mAh - Quick Charge 3.0 18W and PD

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BlitzWolf BW-SC2 Smart Balance - Banggood

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