Huami confirms: Amazfit X will not be just a concept

amazfit x huami

In August, Huami announced its Concept Watch with curved display Amazfit X, a device that aims to revolutionize the smartband sector thanks to a unique design. However up to this moment the traces of the device had been lost, whose debut was fixed for a generic 2020. Now the Chinese company seems ready to give some more details and through Weibo it has announced that the smartband will enter the phase of mass production starting next year.

Huami announced that the mass production of Amazfit X will start in the 2020

amazfit x

It will therefore not be a real Concept: we remember that this type of device is produced - generally - in limited quantities, as will happen for example for the I MIX Alpha. Apparently Huami it must be quite convinced of its technology and this novelty, given that mass production is the first step in bringing a device to the consumer market on a large scale. Amazfit X - you see it live in the image above and in the present gallery here - will have a large curved 2.07 panel ″ with HD resolution, from its NTSC saturation al 100% and brightness up to 430 nits. Everything will be protected by an 3D glass panel and will have a completely metal case, to underline the premium soul of the wearable.

At the moment we do not know yet the price of sale and with regard to the exit period, we could hypothesize that Amazfit X I will be ready for the market during the second half of the 2020. What do you think of this revolutionary device in its own way? Would you buy it or would you prefer the classic smartband / smartwatch by far?

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