This small Xiaomi powerbank warms your hands

xiaomi hand warmer powerbank

For some weeks now we have been witnessing the launch by Xiaomi of numerous winter products. Just think of the cup and jacket self-heating, as well as al heater real made with Viomi. And who would have said that such a feature could also be applied to one Powerbank? Thanks to the work of the companies in their ecosystem, on YouPin a product has just popped up warm up your hands user.

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Xiaomi launches a new powerbank that can keep your hands warm

The age-old problem of frozen hands wants to be solved by this powerbank, whose features recall a small vintage radio. Extremely compact, it can be held in the palm of the hand and warm up at a constant temperature of 52 ° C. Heat is propagated from both sides of the body, made of aluminum to further promote heat propagation. On the front there are two buttons: the left one can be pressed to control the powerbank function, turn on the and see the residual charge.

xiaomi hand warmer powerbank

The one on the right, instead, must be kept pressed for 3 seconds to activate the function of heating and see the grades delivered on the display. To get to the temperature of 52 ° C it takes about 5 seconds, after which it is kept constant. This is possible thanks to the amperage from 5000 mAh, able both to supply a complete charge cycle to almost all the devices and to supply heat.

Available in Green, Red and Pink colors, it is sold in crowdfunding on YouPin for the price of 138 yuan, approximately €17. The device is available for purchase for us westerners on Banggood, via the link below.

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