Xiaomi Mi Band and Android 10: a notification fix released

xiaomi mi band 4

In China different owners of Xiaomi Mi Band have encountered notification problems when used with smartphones updated to Android 10. The latest Google branded firmware would have somehow messed up something at the software level, even if the fault could fall on MIUI 11. The fact is that, after bouncing off the blame for a while, the Xiaomi team decided to try to solve these problems with a specific fix.

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Xiaomi has released a fix for notification problems of the Mi Band with Android 10

But what are the problems, first of all? As reported by the affected users, the Mi Bands would not receive notifications related to WhatsApp, WeChat, SMS and other apps. Moreover, there would also be malfunctions of the motor of vibration, in both cases relating to the models of I Band 3 and 4. In light of this, here are the steps to follow in the MIUI 11 on your smartphone with Android 10:

  1. Open the Settings menu;
  2. Write "Notifications"In the search bar;
  3. Select "Notifications Usage Rights"And click on"Mi Sports App"In the list that will appear.

Once this is done, you will also need to guarantee access to notifications from Xiaomi Sports App also in the relative menu of Android 10.

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