Xiaomi and Huawei: opposite results for sales in Europe

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Le record sales achieved by the Huawei Mate 30 series have certainly not been the fruit of Europe. On our continent the smartphone has minimally made his debut, with the US ban that in the meantime has apparently slowed down the distribution, mostly media, of the products Huawei in Europe. But given the hand how they really went sales for the company? The data collected by the research center tell us this Canalys, showing them to us also alongside those of the direct rival Xiaomi.

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Huawei's performance in Europe has not deteriorated, unlike the US ban

After an initial phase of "panic" that followed the Trump government's decision to include Huawei in the infamous Entity List, the situation has gradually settled. The consequences of this blockade did not touch the smartphones already in circulation and some of those that were subsequently marketed. Of course, top models like Mate 30 and Mate X have not been certified by Google. But you know, the models of months ago sell the most often, which enjoy more favorable prices and are therefore those that make "mass" in the sales numbers.

huawei xiaomi sales europe

And in fact the data of Canalys highlight how, comparing the Q3 2018 and Q3 2019, there is a situation of equality in Huawei sales. This however represents a malus for the company, given that, if this had not happened, it would most likely have been a growth rather than a draw. Growth that is registered in the home Xiaomi, which compared to the quarter of last year has marked a remarkable + 73 %.

This has meant that the market shares for Lei Jun's company have gone from 6.5% to 10.5%, while for Huawei fell by -1.7%, touching altitude 22.2%. Samsung remains strong in the rankings, growing at 35.7%, while the rest of the ranking sees Apple slightly down and a less rosy situation for Nokia and the rest of the producers.

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