Xiaomi 90 FUN Warming Jacket Review: the perfect Christmas gift!

xiaomi smart jacket

Xiaomi has long been a volcano of ideas that slowly, thanks to its crowdfunding platform YouPin and close partnerships with different companies are becoming reality.

This is the case with heating jacket Xiaomi 90 Fun that less than 100 euro is a really interesting gift idea in view of the Christmas. Discover with us the reasons why this product really impressed us.

Design and materials

xiaomi heating jacket

The jacket of 90 FUN it is impeccably made with a lot of attention to the stitching and YKK zips that are quite solid. For the realization of the product the company has relied on polyester as external and internal material. The padding instead is made with 90% of goose down.

The pockets are composed of:

  • Two chest pockets;
  • two side pockets;
  • an additional side pocket for welcoming the powerbank.

Features and peculiarities

The strengths of this product are mainly 2:

  • impermeability and possibility of being washed;
  • heating system via power-bank.

xiaomi heating jacket

Il Xiaomi heated vest can be washed either a hand in that washing machine provided that the right side pocket in which the cable is positioned USB for the heating system it remains closed during washing otherwise the entire smart structure could be damaged and irretrievably lost.

xiaomi heating jacket

The water resistance it is really good and allows the product to be used even in the rain thanks to a water repellent treatment that will literally "slip" the water away from the jacket. Personally I tried the scooter jacket during these rainy days and I wasn't disappointed (and wet!).

Heating system: how it works

xiaomi heating jacket

The right side pocket holds a pin USB Type-A to which a powerbank must be connected in order to power the heating system.

This system can be activated by prolonged pressing of the button on the lower end of the jacket. This switch has 3 different LED lights that indicate as many states and features:

  • White LED: indicates the switching on or off of the device;
  • Orange LED: heating mode for 12 hours at a maximum temperature of 40 °;
  • Red LED: heating mode for 8 hours at a maximum temperature of 50 °.

Obviously the duration of the heating phase is also commensurate with the use of a large powerbank at least from 10.000 mAh. We recommend one of the solutions Xiaomi portable from 20.000 mAh so as to never remain "dry".

xiaomi heating jacket

The parts of the product covered by heating coils are the neck and lumbar. But on balance, how does this feature work?

Provided you do not use "onion" clothing, with tight or not too thick clothing the product returns a pleasant feeling of warmth which is well suited to the imminent winter period. Using instead sweatshirts or a stratification of the garments this feeling is obviously attenuated.

Sizes and sizes

The size we tried is one L which, personally, is a bit small for my height (185 cm), an XL would be a must, but that lends itself well as dimensions for lower heights.

In general the jacket of Xiaomi it fits well according to its Italian size, maybe even a little smaller. In this regard, we leave the orientation mirror offered by the company to help you choose the size:

Sizes Xiaomi warming jacket

Conclusions and price

The smart jacket by Xiaomi represents a great product and above all an excellent gift idea for the Christmas. It is true that for a price of around 95 € it is possible to buy “designer” clothing or much less similar solutions with a heating system but the offered waterproofness, goose down and build quality are certainly worth this expense.

The product can be purchased on Banggood via the following coupon: