VIOMI V2 Pro review: an absolutely promoted robot vacuum cleaner

viomi v2 pro cover robot vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner

More and more often we hear about robotic vacuum cleaners, home automation, vacuum cleaners, Smart home, and all the facets of these connected terms. By now these products are no longer a fashion, a trend, but rather they have almost become "mass", for "everyone". Thinking of delegating general cleaning to a vacuum cleaner like the VIOMI V2 Pro is no longer a utopia. And I anticipate that, with today's robot vacuum cleaner, it would also be a great choice.

VIOMI V2 Pro Review


This vacuum cleaner is equipped with many accessories and is permissible, almost normal, and so because the V2 Pro does a lot of things. Inside the package we find:

  • il robot vacuum cleaner;
  • its charging base, complete with power supply and cable;
  • a replacement brush (in addition to the one already installed below the device);
  • three different "container drawers" to be inserted inside the robot, which perform three different functions on which we will return later;
  • a "Flap" complete with cloth to carry out washing sessions and an extra replacement cloth;
  • ritual manuals.

Design and construction

Il Viomi V2 Pro a minimal design, typical of Xiaomi products (although here, we only talk about collaboration), but steals the eye: the device makes you look with taste, appreciate in its gray satin finish with contrasting elements of black. Great attention to detail too: the central button, the only button in the whole device, incorporates sober but at the same time very bright LEDs. The central "turret", which houses the various LEDs for mapping the house and reading the spaces, is also very special.

viomi v2 pro cover robot vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner

The interaction mode for changing and cleaning the container inside the robot is also very interesting: as for the first generation, which we reviewed earlier this year, from the top of the device it is possible to access the compartment in which the dust or water drawer is housed (also on this, we will come back later), simply by lifting the upper "disk" of the gadget. Below it, in fact, we will find the container that we have decided to use and the handy brush, which finds space in an ad-hoc recess.

viomi v2 pro cover robot vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner

It is precisely these details that make us immediately aware of the quality of the VIOMI robot vacuum cleaner: here we are not talking about the low end, the details are from the top of the range.

In the lateral part, instead, we find a "shock-absorbing" band for half of its length, with an "eye" due to the sensor for the prevention of impacts, while at the rear the device has a large air intake to drain the deriving flow from the cleaning and the two pins that connect to the charging base.

Finally, we have the two amortized side wheels and the small central one for the direction, the interchangeable brush and the large suction mouth for the actual cleaning. Then there is the sensor for the management of unevenness, which avoids falls, and the slot for accessories, as well as the attachment and release mechanism of the washing cloth.

As regards, instead, dimensions and weight: the robot is large 35,00 x 35,00 x 9,45 cm weight of about 3,3 Kg.


In this section we have the second big difference, after the care in design and details, with the cheapest and least expensive vacuum cleaners (for example the recently tested DEENKEE): here we find, finally, an application able to provide us with real smart functions. I refer to the now very well known We Home, which, as we know, works very well, and which also performs its task very well.

If I have to find a fault with VIOMI V2 Pro, I say that missing integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, which I wish there was. Poco bad, however, as using only the Xiaomi application I was able to command the robot in the totality of its experience and without precluding any function.

Once the device is associated with the application, we will immediately find ourselves in front of the screen through which to start cleaning by clicking on "Start". From the second cleaning on, instead, we will have the possibility of view the map of our apartment that the V2 Pro has realized: from here we could start by selecting and renaming areas, locating the cleaning only on certain of them, determining areas off-limits for the vacuum cleaner, displaying its work, driving it remotely, the remaining battery, the clean square meters and all the information that interests us. Do not miss the possibility to start the robot remotely or to set the cleaning at a set time, perhaps before we return home or as soon as we go out.

Mi Home is the added value for these robots and is absolutely one of the main reasons why it is easy to recommend them.

There is also an app directly from the company, called Viomi Robot: by installing it and pairing it, I didn't see any big differences with Mi Home, except for less graphic care and fewer functions here and there. Strange, however, that the QR Code in the instruction manual of this V2 Pro refers to the application of Xiaomi and not to the "proprietary" one.

Technical Specifications

Regarding the technical specifications, the Viomi V2 Pro can boast:

  • a battery da 3300 mAh;
  • a power di 33W with a suction force up to 2150Pa;
  • un container da 600mL for the dust, which they become 560mL when the hybrid container is available for washing;
  • LDS sensor with SLAM algorithm for mapping and cleaning.


What do the numbers we saw earlier translate into? In a full-bodied, well-made, autonomous and quite satisfactory. From the first power up, the Viomi V2 Pro gave me the feeling of so much power and great reliability. All the cleanings I made have always been excellent, without my intervention ever being necessary. The suction speed can be set on 3 levels through the application: Low (the default), Medium and Max.

Using only that base, the results seemed better to me than many of its competitors: crumbs, hairs, dust, they were never a problem. Even the different flooring surfaces have never resulted in less convincing results. The intelligence of the robot, and its smart functions, have avoided "errors" in cleaning or problems arising from obstacles: indeed, its wheels certainly larger than average, have allowed it to easily overcome cables, cars forgotten by grandchildren in the most disparate places and small objects hidden in narrow parts. In conclusion, you can absolutely trust this Viomi.

viomi v2 pro cover robot vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner

The function deserves a separate discussion mop, namely that of washing: it is activated by two of our actions, both necessary. First and foremost, you need to change the container at the top of the vacuum cleaner, going from the one for the powder to the hybrid powder / water or to the tank just for water. Then, there is a need to connect a "flap" to the base of the robot that integrates the cleaning cloth, onto which the container will drip through 4 holes located below the vacuum cleaner. The results in this case are less convincing than aspiration. Let it be clear the V2 Pro lava, all right, but it does not have the cleaning power of traditional methods. It is not comparable to a housewife armed with rag and elbow grease, so to speak, but for a bland cleaning it is just fine.

The connection between the robot and its base is also surprising: once the cleaning is completed, even more than 20 meters away, the robot always easily returns to its charging station. Also nice is the pre-refilling "maneuver": the V2 Pro arrives frontally but then turns on itself as the recharging connectors are placed on the back.


Also with regard to autonomy the Viomi vacuum cleaner convinces: after cleaning 37mq (about 1 / 3 of my house) the battery was above 60% while at 18% at the end of it. In total the V2 is able to clean for poco less than two hours while charging in double the time. They are very good numbers, especially if compared to the competition.

viomi v2 pro cover robot vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner

During the washing phase I did not notice large differences in terms of autonomy, compared to when using the vacuum cleaner for suction only. The performance of the battery decreases instead, as is logical, when the speed of aspiration is raised, but I repeat that there is absolutely no need to do it.

Price and Conclusions

In conclusion, I absolutely recommend this Viomi V2 Pro: the performance of the robot is consistent, the cleaning always excellent. Those looking for a vacuum cleaner for home or office will not be totally disappointed, but rather they will find the product they wanted. I do not recommend it, instead, to those looking for a high-performance washing robot, for that perhaps there will be a need to wait for the third generation or look towards other shores. Anyway, a poco more than 360 € shipped from Europe by Geekbuying, available through this link, represents in my opinion certainly a great choice in view of Black Friday or Christmas.