Tronsmart Review Spunky Beat: the economic TWS that will not disappoint you

review tronsmart spunky beat

The market of True Wireless headphones is now populated with many alternatives that differ from one another for few details. In addition to presenting a product with good quality and an aggressive price, the brands try to win the challenge of differentiation, that is a product "like the others but different from the others". Tronsmart will he succeed in this noble intent? Find out with our review of Tronsmart Spunky Beat!

Tronsmart Review Spunky Beat


The packaging of these headphones does not differ too much from what is proposed in other solutions. I really appreciated the choice of some bright colors, the contrast between the orange and the purple of the brand made me immediately think that these headphones had "something to say". Inside the box we find:

  • le Spunky Beat;
  • theirs houses for recharging (which we will talk about later);
  • il USB cable - USB C for charging the case;
  • spare rubbers, to best adapt to all the different conformations of the ear;
  • manuals.

review tronsmart spunky beat

Design and Construction Quality

As for the design and construction quality of these Tronsmart, there is nothing negative. The headphones are well made, in plastic material but that does not make them absolutely seem "cheap". I do not like the choice of surrounding the two buttons on the earphones with a glossy finish: this holds the fingerprints a lot and therefore forced me to really clean them many times. Point in favor of the headphones however the IPX5 certification which guarantees resistance to dust, sweat and splashes.

As for the grommets, they turn out to be very comfortable, they don't make you sweat as in other solutions and they guarantee a good adherence. Bringing these headphones is quite simple, they do not tend to "run away" like other similar products, but on the contrary, thanks to their conformation that is housed entirely inside the ear, they are in the end always quite stable. I'm not a lover of in-ear headphones but, from this point of view, I didn't see any problems with wearability.

review tronsmart spunky beat

Note of merit for the case: it is perhaps too big compared to my tastes but Integrates the USB cable directly below its base, as well as a comfortable lanyard that has helped me more than once to "hook" the headphones in my purse or belt. They are details, for someone of little account, but that instead make a little bit of difference in the daily use.

Connectivity and Calls

Tronsmart Spunky Beats use a chip Qualcomm last generation: this simultaneously guarantees more advantages. First of all one extremely stable connectivity between the headphones and the device to which we associate them, guaranteed by the connection standard Bluetooth 5.0. Moreover, even the audio quality gains a lot, but we'll come back to that soon. As for the scope of Bluetooth, I went for it up to 10 meters without any problems: I wore them in the gym and they also accompanied me to some "blind" spots where other headphones usually left me.

Also with regard to calls no problem: even during use on the train (and therefore in a particularly noisy environment) the result has always been quite satisfactory. My interlocutor has always felt good to me while I have never encountered disturbances, echoes or various problems. Moreover, the possibility to choose whether to use only one (regardless of which one) or use them in pairs is much appreciated.

review tronsmart spunky beat

There is no lack of gestures. With a single tap on the right earpiece we will be able to answer calls or close them while on the left we will recall the voice assistants. With the double tap on the left we will return to the previous track while on the right we will navigate to the next one. Finally, triple tap on the right we will lower the volume, on the left we will raise it.

Audio Quality

And now let's move on to the sector that convinced me less. These Tronsmart Spunky Beat doesn't sound bad but they lack that personality of which I spoke earlier. The audio quality is not excellent but it remains only sufficient. The volume is quite high, even if it does not reach that of other headphones "breaks timpani". It should also be noted that when we push them to the maximum, quality decreases. On the other hand, the headphones reproduce discreetly the bass and are balanced if considered in all their acoustic experience.

One thing that really struck me is their ability to reduce external noise when we use them. However, this is not the active noise canceling (ANC) technology, simply the noise suppression microphones - assisted by the excellent work of the Qualcomm chip - work very well. So, wearing these Spunky Beats we will always be able to clearly hear the sound they will emanate, quite distinct from the rest. This happens through a "cut" of low and high frequencies and the audio experience is much improved.

Finally, no problem with Youtube, Netflix and synchronization with videos: everything is fine in this regard.


Here we come to one of the points that convinced me the most: the Tronsmart Spunky Beat they last really long. The declared autonomy is 7 hours and I must say that the data is true. I have always passed the 6 hours, with the fixed volume at 70-80%. Moreover, with solo 5 minutes of accommodation in the homes, we will earn 1 listening time at half volume.The charging dock guarantees 5-6 full refills.

Lastly, we recall the double possibility of recharging: the case, in fact, can be recharged both via the supplied cable and through the "hidden" one, avoiding us to carry an unnecessary extra cable behind.

Tronsmart Spunky Beat Review - Price and Conclusions

review tronsmart spunky beat

Tronsmart Spunky Beats are available for purchase at Geekbuying, the company's official retailer, 25€ with the coupon "1111GKB02". The price is more than honest: they sound fairly good, have a good battery and have no manufacturing defects. They could be better, but those looking for the top of the top don't buy headphones of this type and know they don't have to spend "only" 25 €. All the others, on the other hand, are unlikely to be disappointed.

Tronsmart Spunky Beat - GeekBuying

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