Review Oclean X: the top of the range of smart toothbrushes

review oclean x

Oclean, a partner company of Xiaomi, launched a new high-end sonic toothbrush some time ago on the crowdfunding platform of the Chinese giant. It is a smart solution accompanied by a companion application and equipped with a small touch display inside the handle. Will the new device of the company have succeeded in convincing, also by virtue of its intelligent features? Find out in our review of Oclean x, the electric toothbrush pointing upwards!

Review Oclean X

Sales package

The smart toothbrush sales package Oclean x looks like a white hardcover, with a very simple and minimal design and with an image of the device at the top. Inside the box we find the following equipment:

  • sonic toothbrush Oclean X;
  • head;
  • head cap;
  • charging base;
  • microUSB / USB charging cable;
  • manuals.

Design and construction quality

review oclean x

The smart toothbrush Oclean x it is composed of a plastic body (weighing 99 grams), with a white color that recalls the white of the sales package and - more generally - brings to mind the minimal design that Xiaomi has accustomed us to over the years. The reference to the company of Lei Jun is not accidental, given the presence of a display color touch from 0.96 ″, with a physical button in the lower part and a style that is reminiscent of that of a Mi Band. The general impression that one has when handling the toothbrush is that of a light product, which is almost "too" delicate to handle. Obviously this is only an impression and the build quality is impeccable.

The presence of the screen is a valid aid in cleaning the teeth, since at the end of the operation it will be possible to view all the data relating to our precision in brushing. This is possible thanks to the presence of a gyroscope with six axes, which allows the individual position of the Oclean X toothbrush inside the mouth; in this way at the end of the session we can accurately observe which areas we have successfully cleaned and which we have underestimated. Not bad at all, but we'll talk about it in more detail soon.

Completing the overview of the device specifications, the latter integrates a brushless motor up to 40.000 oscillations per minute; the upper part allows the insertion of interchangeable heads made with bristles DuPont Tynex 2017. The sonic toothbrush arrives with a practical charging base with magnetic coupling.

The latter can be attached to the wall with an adhesive, in order to act as a support for the device (thanks to the powerful magnet). Certification present IPX7 which makes it water resistant: you can wet your toothbrush without damage and use it in the shower.


review oclean x

As for the operation of Oclean x, things get really interesting for the display touch and application combination companion. The screen allows you to view the time and date, as well as to set all the device settings. For precision sake, rather than talking about a touch screen, it is good to consider that it is the crown that surrounds it that is sensitive to touch. Therefore, instead of using the tip of your finger it is better to use your thumb to make the swipe, covering the entire surface of the panel - both to the right and to the left and up and down - from side to side. Through the display you can change the brushing intensity, duration or set reminders to remind you to move it from area to area when brushing your teeth.

Having a color screen, moreover a touch, is really a lot cool at the beginning, but in the long run its usefulness is drastically reduced "because of" the application that accompanies the toothbrush. But what does the Oclean app actually do?

oclean app

Looking in detail at the smartphone software that accompanies the device, we realize how much more convenient it is to use the app to carry out all the operations listed above regarding the display. The application arrives with a clear and functional interface (in Italian), it is possible customize the background and enter your own give ed habits (eg if you are a smoker and a coffee user) to get some sort of Profile. In this way you will be combined with one of the brushing programs.

The various app different programs, which vary in duration and intensity of cleaning. Each program is related to images which show how to brush teeth optimally. We remind you that the device offers up to 32 vibration levels and four cleaning modes, which combined allow you to benefit from programs for every situation. Obviously, in case of sensitive teeth the program will opt for a particular cleaning, suitable for users who have this type of problem; on the other hand there are more intense programs, in the case of yellow spots and "bad habits". Among the modalities we highlight - for example - the one for brushing your teeth after sweet drinks, the one for cleaning dental appliances and so on. Present the possibility of creating a personalized program or rely completely on intelligent recommendations.

oclean app

About the tooth cleaning procedure, as already pointed out, Oclean X offers a six-axis gyroscope that detects the position of the toothbrush in the mouth; in this way it will be able to distinguish the dental arches in four quadrants, evaluating the effectiveness of cleaning during each session (with a general assessment through a score). The reports are available within the app and are decidedly in-depth. Also you can monitor the head condition, so you know for sure when to replace it. Finally, inside the app there is an indicator that shows it battery status.


The sonic toothbrush integrates a battery from 800 mAh able to offer a range of almost a month, compared to a two-hour recharge (through the appropriate base / support). Battery autonomy works closely with the programs you use (which vary in intensity and duration), as well as the number of daily sessions.

The only drawback, the product does not have a wall socket, but only the microUSB / USB charging cable to be inserted in a special input.

Review Oclean X - Conclusions and price

Summing up our review of Oclean x we can only say this: it is impossible not to be satisfied with the purchase! The sonic toothbrush from Xiaomi's partner company is really a complete product, with a minimal and practical design and many customizations. If you are thinking of a new toothbrush and are looking for a complete, reliable, and - above all - economic complete solution, this could be the right device.

The Oclean X toothbrush is available for purchase for the price of 46 € on the AliExpress store with shipping from Europe; if you want to stock heads, the device is also bundled with two 52.49 € heads.