Huawei Mate X fears the cold: better to leave it at home during the white week!

huawei mate x

We have recently seen the launch of the new one Mate XS, version renewed by the first folding smartphone of the Chinese brand. Huawei Mate X debuted on the occasion from MWC 2019 and since then it has passed from water under bridges. The flagship should arrive in Europe at a price of 2299 €, a figure not accessible to all (e the good Li Nan, ex of Meizu, has tried to explain us the Pro of such a high figure). However, as he taught us the experience of the first Samsung branded folding, that of folding devices is still an immature technology and is not yet ready to reach everyone. Yet another proof comes from Huawei, which makes a revelation on its Mate X.

Huawei Mate X is not a smartphone suitable for low temperatures

An official page published by the Chinese giant - which illustrates all the details of Huawei Mate X - reveals that there is no need to bend the display in particularly cold situations. Precisely, it would be necessary to avoid temperatures below -5 ° C, a situation that could make you smile but that in reality should not be underestimated.

In fact, these are not so rare values, both as regards determining areas of the globe and for any holidays in the mountains, especially during the winter season. In short, a limit does not give poco and which once again demonstrates how much it is necessary to wait before you can get your hands on a truly “complete” folding smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will arrive in Italy il 13th November and in the meantime it is legitimate to ask if at present it is worth to spend disproportionate figures for this type of device. What do you think about it?

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