Sales of Huawei P30 and Mate 20 continue to rise

huawei mate 20 pro huawei p30 pro

It is now a public affair that the US ban will involveabsence of pre-installed Google apps on the series Mate 30. A partially penalizing factor that will probably penalize sales in the West. Perhaps to consolidate its commercial image, but it is also something that is usually done during the presentation phase Huawei revealed sales numbers for the series P30 e Mate 20.

Upgrade 06 / 11: CEO Richard Yu has supplied updated numbers concerning the sales of the two top of the range. According to the updated data, the range P30 has exceeded the 20 million of units shipped, while for the previous series Mate 20 the growth was slightly more modest, coming in at 17 million. This is because, unlike P30, Mate 20 has had a successor, whose sales are going quite well.

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Good numbers for Huawei Mate 20 and P30, but may not be the same for Mate 30

huawei mate 20 huawei p30

To date the first series Huawei Mate 20, including Mate 20 Pro and Mate 20 X, totaled a total of more than 16 million units sold. For the next one to Huawei P30, presented 5 months later (when Mate 20 was already at 10 million), go up to more than 17 million. Not surprisingly, both for the greater fame that the P family enjoys, and for the more accessible cost for the P30 and P30 Pro models.

According to the data brought to light by Gartner, in the Q2 2019 the global sales data of Huawei stand on the 58 million units. A number, however, may soon fall if this deadlock is not resolved.

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