Comparison ASUS ROG Phone 2 vs Nubia Red Magic 3S: which one to buy?

ASUS ROG Phone 2 vs Nubia Red Magic 3S

In discussion panel of today we will analyze two very recent devices that want to compete for the title of best gaming smartphone, we are talking more in detail about ASUS ROG Phone 2 e Nubia Red Magic 3S. We have individually tested these smartphones and both have shown us their best sides and those in which they sin most, but in this comparison which of the two will win? Let's find out together!

Comparison ASUS ROG Phone 2 vs Nubia Red Magic 3S

Technical specifications - ASUS ROG Phone 2 vs Nubia Red Magic 3S

In order not to lengthen the article with continuous numbers, we will leave the technical data sheets of both devices below, so that you can compare them much faster.

ASUS ROG Phone 2

  • dimensions of 170.99 x 77.6 x 9.48 mm for a weight of 240 grams;
  • AMOLED display from 6.59 inches diagonal with resolution Full HD + (2340 x 1080 pixel), report in 19-5: 9, refresh rate of 120Hz, 1ms response times, 10-bit HDR support;
  • Qualcomm octa-core processor Snapdragon 855 + up to 2.96 GHz;
  • GPU Adreno 640;
  • 8 GB of RAM LPDDR4X;
  • 128 UFS 3.0 storage;
  • fingerprint reader in the display;
  • battery by 6000 mAh with quick charge Quick Charge 4.0;
  • dual camera back from 48 + 13 mega-pixel with wide-angle 125 degrees;
  • selfie camera from 24 mega-pixel;
  • dual speaker;
  • 2 USB Type-C ports (fast charge from 15W and 20W), mini-jack from 3.5 mm for headphones, 802.11a / b / g / n / ac / to 4 × 4 MIMO, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, GPS / aGPS / GLONASS / Beidou;
  • 3D GameCool steam chamber cooling system (improved);
  • operating system Android 9 Pie with ROG UI.

Nubia Red Magic 3S

  • AMOLED HDR display from 6.65 inches with resolution Full HD + (2340 x 1080 pixels), 19.5: 9 ratio with high refresh rate a 90 Hz;
  • dimensions of 171.7 x 78.5 x 9.65 mm for 215 g;
  • Qualcomm octa-core processor Snapdragon 855 +;
  • Qualcomm Adreno 640 GPU;
  • 12 GB of RAM LPDDR4X;
  • 256 GB expandable UFS 3.0 memory;
  • Sony IMX586 rear camera from 48 mega-pixels with opening f/ 1.7, PDAF autofocus and LED flash;
  • front camera by 16 mega-pixels with opening f/ 2.0;
  • support dual SIM LTE, Wi-Fi ac Dual Band, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS / aGPS / GLONASS / Beidou;
  • battery by 5000 mAh with quick charge from 27W;
  • operating system Android 9.0 Pie with Redmagic OS 2.1 interface.

Construction and design

Both are gaming smartphones, so both have a very particular aesthetic, captivating and not suitable for a formal environment, although in this case theASUS ROG Phone 2 be the most discrete and what I personally prefer. Indeed, the Nubia Red Magic 3S compared to the previous model has not been changed in design, but only in the hardware, it goes without saying that the look has remained more backward compared to the Taiwanese counterpart due to a single camera and the fingerprint sensor on the back cover.

ASUS ROG Phone 2 vs Nubia Red Magic 3S

We know very well that tastes in terms of aesthetics are purely personal and therefore may not be similar to yours, but personally I find theASUS more refined and with one best attention to detail. Even the tactile sensation given by the materials confirms my impression, as while the Nubia Red Magic 3S is totally realized in satin aluminum, ROG Phone 2 it is in mirrored glass on the back cover and in solid aluminum along the side frame.

Although the two are quite similar in size, theASUS has a more consistent weight compared to its rival, more precisely we talk about 240 grams against i 215 of the nubian. Obviously this does not mean that the difficulty in using one hand is practically the same, although the glass back cover of the Taiwanese smartphone is more slippery than the satin aluminum one of the Red Magic 3S. Exactly for this reason ASUS thought to insert the one hand mode inside the software, a gem that we do not find on board its rival.

ASUS ROG Phone 2 vs Nubia Red Magic 3S

For the rest, let's look briefly at some common points:

  • soft touch controls on the side profile (AirTrigger);
  • dual front stereo speaker;
  • backlit logo on the back cover;
  • ventilation grille;
  • mini-jack input.

Let us now analyze the main differences:

  • theASUS ROG Phone 2 presents 2 USB Type-C ports, one on the left side and one on the lower side so that you can recharge your smartphone during gaming in any position without finding the wire between your hands;
  • theASUS ROG Phone 2 owns 4 microphones well;
  • il Nubia Red Magic 3S it has a physical switch that makes us switch from normal to gaming (GameBoost);
  • il ROG Phone 2 has a dual camera and a fingerprint sensor under the display, unlike the Red Magic 3S with single chamber and sensor on the back cover.

Finally, I would also like to talk about the haptic feedback returned by smartphones, as the vibrations during gaming are good on the nubian, but not as much as those onASUS which among other things are also found during the classic daily operations. It will feel like you are holding a joystick.


Speaking of the I immediately show you the technical specifications so you can quickly compare them:

  • Nubia Red Magic 3S: display AMOLED HDR da 6.65 inches with resolution Full HD + (2340 x 1080 pixel), ratio in 19.5: 9 with refresh rate up to 90 Hz;
  • ASUS ROG Phone 2: display AMOLED da 6.59 inches with resolution Full HD + (2340 x 1080 pixel), report in 19-5: 9, refresh rate up to 120Hz, 1ms response times, 10-bit HDR support.

Both have different color mode, but comparing the standard one I noticed slightly colder colors on theASUS even if they are less opposed than the nubian. Personally, I was more convinced of the chromatic range of the first one, while they play on equal terms in terms of maximum brightness.

ASUS ROG Phone 2 vs Nubia Red Magic 3S

One of the main features of these smartphones is thehigh update frequency of the panels, which makes them perfect for the Gaming. Also in this case the ROG Phone 2 has the best thanks to his 120Hz, unthinkable on a smartphone, which guarantee a smooth experience, although it causes a greater energy expenditure, but this is not a problem since it has well 6000 mAh.

Moving on to the software with the related customizations it must be said that at the moment the nubian still has some bugs that don't allow us to switch between clear mode , Dark Mode, forcing us to use the first, while for the rest we do not find theAlways-On display, but only the Ambient Display which is activated upon receipt of notifications. On the contrary the ROG is full of customizations, has no defects, except that theAOD does not show notifications.

Hardware and Performance

Being two devices recently introduced, both are powered by the last one entered the house Qualcomm, Or the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 +, which is inclusive of an octa-core processor maximum clock frequency of 2.96 GHz and a GPU Adreno 640. The only thing that differs between the models in our possession are the memory cuts, as well as the cooling system. The Nubia Red Magic 3S has a liquid cooling system assisted by one active fan which is noisy in the excited phases, while theASUS ROG Phone 2 has the GameCool II cooling system, which includes a 3D steam chamber able to remove heat more effectively than the previous generation. The latter is much more silentindeed, even when the smartphone is under stress we do not hear any particular noises.

ASUS ROG Phone 2 vs Nubia Red Magic 3S

Nothing to say in daily use because the performances are practically identical and we do not find anomalies or differences. In fact, we are faced with smartphones equipped with brute power and with a lean and reactive software that improves the user experience.

As for gaming, each of them has a specific mode and I recommend reading the individual text reviews of nubian e ASUS to discover every detail. What we are interested in knowing in this comparison is that they are rich in customizations in the same way, exponentially improving the gaming experience. Obviously any title is played with details at mostin  HDR where present, and maintain a high frame rate and constant.


La camera is the sub-fund in which i gaming phone solitamente they sin compared to everything else, this is probably because it is not considered very important for the target audience or to try to keep costs lower. In fact, even in this case the photographs reflect more the quality of some medium range rather than the actual tops. On board we have the following sensors:

  • ASUS ROG Phone 2: dual camera from 48 mega-pixels with opening f / 1.8 and da 13 mega-pixels with f / 2.4 aperture with PDAF autofocus, dual LED flash and digital stabilization; front camera from 24 mega-pixel with f / 2.2 aperture;
  • Nubia Red Magic 3S: single camera from 48 mega-pixels with opening f / 1.7, LED flash and digital stabilization; front camera from 16-megapixel.

In conditions of good brightness the photos between the two are similar in terms of quality also because we are talking about the same sensor, even if thanks to the Nubia software the photographs seem slightly more detailed than theASUS. However, the latter has on its side a better management of automatic HDR and lights, as well as having less dull colors and an always useful wide-angle camera.

In night both work hard and quality inevitably falls, but it is still the ROG Phone 2 that has the best thanks to more defined shots, less wavy and better management of light sources.

From the front, instead, the gap is greater and the ROG Phone confirms what has been said previously and moreover has a definition far superior to its direct rival. Also, by shooting against the light you will have an effective HDR that will not improve poco

Il Nubia Red Magic 3S can record video up to8K a 15 fps, which are not absolutely sufficient for such a resolution, for this reason comparing the two in Full HD a 30 fps we noticed insufficient performance based on their reference range. The focus is very fast, but the colors are a little too contrasty and the stabilization is under the sufficiency.

Audio and connectivity

On the audio front we find for both a dual front stereo speaker with DTS: X Ultra, but theASUS ROG Phone 2 returns an audio much more powerful and with more balanced frequencies. From this point of view it is difficult to find rivals who are able to stand up to it also because it also prevails over the audio in the headphones and that captured by the 4 microphones around the side profiles, unlike the two present on the Nubia.

Speaking of connectivity it is impossible not to mention the 4 antennas present onROG Phone and then the Wi-Fi a / b / g / n / ac / ad e 4 × 4 MiMo, Bluetooth 5.0, FM radio, GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS / BDS / Galileo / QZSS and finally theNFC, or a feature not present on the nubian. In general, performance here is good for both.

Regarding the methods of unlocking, the fingeprint sensor below the display ofASUS and the one on the back cover of the Red Magic 3S they are the same, as both are precise, but a little slow in unlocking. Instead, it 2D facial release is faster on the latter.


Inside the review of the nubian we have pointed out that the software that moves it is still a bit immature and has several bugs or aspects to improve such as incomplete translations or the inability to switch to Dark Mode. This aspect makes us prefer the ROG UI di ASUS, as it is more complete in terms of customization and free from imperfections.

Both have a rather basic interface and similar to the stock and for this reason smartphones are very fast and easy to use. Furthermore, it is important to note that they have a special gaming mode that will allow us to optimize all background processes, upgrade the CPU and perform many other functions that we have already analyzed in the individual reviews. Precisely from this point of view the two are playing at par.

So, in summary, on the one hand we have the Redmagic 2.0 based on Android 9 Pie, while on the other the ROG UI always based on the version 9 di Android.


In this sector we find some more differences given that theASUS ROG Phone 2 has a battery from 6000 mAh, while the Nubia Red Magic 3S has one from 5000 mAh. Obviously this gap of 1000 mAh already makes us understand a lot, as it is equal intense use (Always-on / Display Ambient active, poco less than 1 hour of gaming, display at 90 / 120Hz, maximum performance in the game phase) I managed to almost total 7 hours di active display with the first, while about 4 hours with the second. In both cases I managed to arrive without problems at night, but with the ROG Phone 2 you can also close in peace two days in a row.

Both support fast charging Quick Charge 4.0 +, but in packaging they only have a power supply a 18w which employs about 2 hours and minutes 15 to carry the battery from 6000 mAh from 0 to 100% and about 1 40 hours and minutes to recharge the nubian.

Conclusions - ASUS ROG Phone 2 vs Nubia Red Magic 3S

Before coming to conclusions it is necessary to talk about the prices. Indeed, these devices come officially sold to the following figures:

  • Nubia Red Magic 3S: 8 / 128 GB a 479 €, 12 / 256 GB a 599 €;
  • ASUS ROG Phone 2: 12 / 512 GB a 899 €.

However, the latter is sold in international version also on GearBest and thanks to ours coupon that we share daily on Telegram you can buy the variant with memory cuts from 8 / 128 GB a 486 €. And it is precisely here that the challenge becomes more interesting, because at the same price I do not think there is even need to say it: the ROG Phone 2 is the best gaming smartphone that you could buy.

If we go to calculate i official prices then the difference about 300 € begins to be heavy and as far as theASUS is of another level, the nubian is perhaps the one with the better value for money between two.

In conclusion, if you were looking for a smartphone voted for Gaming I advise you not to miss the Taiwanese company's product for yourself 489 € because it will leave you speechless.