Vivo moves forward and registers the 6G brand in Europe

vivo 6g europe

We have just begun to approach the 5G in terms of consumer and already companies think about the future and the next connectivity standard 6G. Over the months there have been rumors of work in progress at home Samsung, Huawei e OPPO, but there is a smartphone maker who has decided to go further than expected. Vivo in fact it has registered its 6G logo in Europe, a really… very long step!

Vivo already thinks about 6G and registers the logo in Europe

vivo 6g europe

What you see above is the logo of Vivo dedicated to the next standard 6G, which was registered at the offices of theEUIPO - the European body for intellectual property - last 22 October 2019. As can be seen from the image, this is the simple 6G word crossed by three lines, which convey a sense of movement, presumably in relation to the speed of the standard. In fact this should be 10 to 100 times faster than 5G, with monstrous transmission speed.

As for the brand of Vivo, according to the document this refers to the category it includes smartphone, wearable devices, mobile telecommunications services and so on. In short, the Chinese company is serious and after the NEX 3 5GiQOO 5G it seems that he intends to point strongly in this direction.

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