Review LEMFO LEMT 4G: a huge smartwatch!


For some time we have had the chance to try many different ones smartwatch. During these months, in fact, we wore products of various types, belonging to this category, each of which in possession of some particular characteristic. It is not surprising, in fact, that many users are almost confused when buying one of these devices, so vast is the choice available. Sometimes, in fact, the question that many people ask is: "Is there a product capable of performing both the function of a telephone and that of a common smartwatch?" It is never easy to answer this question, but today we will try to see if LEMFO LEMT 4G will succeed in convincing us in the positive. Let's not lose ourselves in further chatter, then, and let's go and discover it within ours Full review.



Taking a look at the sales package, let's see how the technical specifications of the product are not present on this. Inside it, therefore, we find:

  • short instruction manual, also in English;
  • charging base for the smartwatch;
  • plastic film for screen protection.

Design & Materials

Surely this LEMFO LEMT 4G it is not the most compact smartwatch on the market. Indeed you will have seen, in fact, products of this type with slightly smaller dimensions. On this product, therefore, we find a display da 2,86 inches of diagonal, which obviously occupies a certain volume. Unfortunately, on the official LEMFO site, this smartwatch is no longer available, so most of the technical features I could not find. Among these, there are the actual dimensions of the product.


Despite everything, however, it is worth underlining how the weight is of 155 grams. It may seem, therefore, a small figure, but on the wrist it is absolutely felt. I could not, therefore, constantly wear this terminal throughout the course of the day, because after a few hours the braccio he began to tire a lot. All its parts then are quite rigid and not very comfortable, finding space in a body in metal and a lower part made entirely of plastic. On the other hand, however, the strap made of silicone has proved to be quite comfortable, showing many different possible adjustments.

Taking a look at the right profile, we find two keys: the first one is used to navigate in the interface, simply returning to the previous page, while with the second one you can directly access the home. Turning the 180 ° product, then, we see how a heart rate monitor and the various pins for charging have been inserted. On the opposite side, instead, there is space for the insertion of a single Nano SIM. However, it will be necessary to unscrew the two small screws at the end to access it. Don't worry, however, because the screwdriver will be supplied in a pack. By looking closely at the front, you can also see a camera on the right side that should mount a sensor from 5 mega-pixel.


However, this product is certified IP67, so even by immersing it in water you won't have any problems. I only recommend that you close the compartment well for it SIM slot, tightening the two screws well, because otherwise the water could enter inside. During the tests, however, I kept the product in the shower for several minutes and I did not go to any malfunction.


Having to judge the display of this smartwatch, I can only show a contrasting feeling about it. Although it is a IPS LCD display from 2,86 diagonal inches with resolution 640 480 pixels x, I would have preferred to also enjoy a smaller surface. You will understand this, however, only in a few minutes.


On this unit the colors are sufficiently good, although the contrast is quite marked. Despite everything, however, it is certainly not a product with which to spend time on YouTube and other platforms of this type. Therefore, you will not have any problem displaying all the menus, even outside. Although the brightness maximum is not entirely satisfactory, it is however possible to enjoy all the contents on screen without problems. Within the settings, however, the option of automatic brightness is indicated but, during the entire period of use, I did not notice the presence of this component. Therefore, you will have to manually adjust this parameter and this operation, on a product of this type, could be frustrating.

About the panel touch screen I must say that I was quite satisfied, as every operation is performed without major problems. Without any doubt, therefore, this is one of the most positive parts of it smartwatch.


As mentioned above, tracking down all the technical specifications of the product was not easy. Some applications, however, helped us to find these components. So much so that various programs have tracked down, within this smartwatch, a SoC MediaTek MT6739WA, with production process a 28nm and maximum clock frequency equal to 1GHz. This is obviously a processor designed for products of this type, which therefore adapts very well to these characteristics. At the base, in fact, we find 4 core ARM Cortex-A53, which are more than enough to carry out all the processes started on this device. From the point of view of memories, instead, we have 3GB RAM e 32GB of internal memory.

It seems almost superfluous to say it but, on LEMFO LEMT 4G, it is possible to move quite smoothly. There is not, then, a multitasking, therefore in the case in which you opened different applications you would have no way to personally control them. On this product, in fact, is present Play Store from Google, so you can potentially install any program. In fact, with Telegram, Whatsapp and Facebook, I didn't see any display problems. I must, however, note a recurring fact: by using this smartwatch for several minutes, the lower part begins to heat significantly. This causes a certain "malaise", as the skin in contact with this surface gets warm, not making this accessory more comfortable.


Going to deal with the most important part of this device instead, we find several sensors. On the back, in fact, we immediately see how the heart rate monitor is present, which works quite well. Comparing his results with those of other smartwatch models, I must say that the differences are minimal. However, under stress, the precision drops drastically, while keeping the device very tight on the wrist. In fact, he has not always been able to record the "real" heartbeat, reporting values ​​that are much lower than expected.


On board, then, find space on Bluetooth 4.0, with which to interface to the smartphone, as well as the Wi-Fi Dual Band, GPS / GLONASS and support for networks 4G (20 band included). In these respects I have not found a component that is less lending than the other, although I am not so sure of the fact that the GPS works exclusively by itself. Without the activation of the latter, in fact, when I was connected with the smartphone I had the impression that the smartwatch exploited the GPS of the phone. In fact, the moment I found myself outside, the reactivity in connecting the networks was clearly lower.

On LEMFO LEMT 4G we also have a step counter, which I did not find very precise. In my opinion, in fact, he is deceived too easily, also recording different movements from those of a usual walk. Sometimes, therefore, it detects our steps quite well, sometimes not. Especially when used outside of sports, it tends to count completely different actions as steps.


On this unit the company has decided to install a version of Android completely revisited. You will have to deal, however, with a really dated software release, being the 7.1.1, with security patches dating back to 5 Maggio 2018. Accessing the main screen, where it will be possible to choose between a series of different ones watch faces, you can move in different directions.

With a swipe to the right, for example, you will have access to the notification area. Operating with a swipe downwards, instead, you will access the quick toggle menu, where you can activate bluetooth, LTE connectivity, Wi-Fi and much more. With a swipe upwards, then, we will proceed to all the statistics related to physical activity, where we can view different parameters.

Making a swipe to the left, from the home, you access theinterface real. Here you can find all the items you need, as well as the Google Play Store to download all the various apps. It will always be on this page, then, that you can access the individual ones applications just like you would on any smartphone. Although the speed is not lightning, you will still be able to move fairly easily in all the menus. Keep in mind, though, that despite being present Italian language, some translations leave something to be desired. You will also find several pages entirely in English.

The whole telephone part, then, does not respond well to the characteristics of this product. During the calls, in fact, it is almost impossible to enjoy a audio decent, both for us and for our interlocutor. In fact, we have a speaker on the lower right that, over a certain volume, crackles. About the notifications, then, these were not received. Only by entering the related app is it possible to receive them. If the device is in standby therefore, you will not have any access to the messages.


Taking a look at the menu related toactivity physics, I will be as short as possible. There are several items, including walk, run, basketball, bicycle and little else. Although there is an app to interface on the smartphone, call Wiiwatch 2, all information will be present only on the smartwatch. However, all units are not shown on this unit give that would be useful to a sportsman. Without making any comparison, on an application like We Fit, for example, lots of different information is shown, which is not viewable here. So if you set up a walk, then you can only view the meters traveled, the time spent on, heartbeat, burned calories and speed. If this were not enough, then, some activities do not work properly. Going into bicycle and setting this option, for example, the counter would lock every 30 seconds, no longer detecting any data after that step. This type of malfunction did not allow me, therefore, to exploit this setting properly.

Even during one walk, however, the count of steps and kilometers traveled was incorrect. It seems that the system, in fact, has almost detected the data late, despite having manually set the activity. Regarding the consumption of calories, then, the values ​​are totally unreliable, because even being firm the count he has always kept going cyclically without me moving.

From this point of view, therefore, I think that this product is totally unsuitable even for sportsmen. Although I believe this is the category that is suitable for this product, the potentially most interested one, I don't think it can be satisfied by the inaccuracy of this device. There is little information provided to the user and, among those little information, more than 90% do not respond in the least to reality.


On LEMFO LEMT 4G there is room for a battery from 2700 mAh, that after 13 hours of use he continued to score well 4 Hours and 10 Minute Screen On, with the 36% of remaining battery. You will be able, therefore, to pass a working day quietly, although this product is not suitable for everyday life.

Thanks to the charging base, then, by connecting the USB socket to a common 5V / 2A charger, this smartwatch will take about 2 hours to fully recharge.

Price & Conclusions

In light of what we have seen during this review, LEMFO LEMT 4G it is certainly a very particular product suitable only for some types of users. On the one hand, however, the malfunction of some activity and the general reliability in the sports field are not at the top, which is why I struggle to consider it a product to recommend for purchase. It would still need some adjustment in different sectors, sometimes resulting more in a prototype than a real one smartwatch.

In case you are interested in purchasing, however, this product is sold in various stores including Banggood, eBay and Aliexpress at a price that is around 180-200 euro. On Aliexpress, however, we have a coupon with which you can buy this product at a discounted price.