Huawei Mobile Services are the answer to Google: that's what they are

huawei mobile services

The launch of the family Huawei Mate 30 was accompanied by the Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), or Huawei services. The name suggests a certain resemblance to i Google services (GMS), much desired but at the same time distant on the new flagships of the company. In reality it is not a real carbon copy of the Big G ones, but of the platform on which Huawei should / could be based from now on.

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 Huawei Mobile Services will replace Google services ... maybe

It is no coincidence that during the European launch of Mate 30 the CEO has carved out a space of time to illustrate a little more in detail the company software plans. On the one hand there is the will to make peace with Google, on the other the need to create a plan B as solid as possible. Not by chance are foreseen 1.5 billion dollars to invest in the recruitment of developers, even if the feedback it is still not exactly positive.

But what's inside Huawei Mobile Services? At the base of everything there is AppGallery, or the store from which to download both Huawei and third-party apps. Speaking of those Huawei, there is the Browser for site navigation, Mobile Cloud for cloud management, Themes for themes, MusicVideo for streaming media, Reader and finally Assistant. We have talked about this in more detail in the dedicated article.

huawei mobile services

But that's not all. As with Google services, even Huawei's ones include HMS Core. It is all the necessary tools so that everything works as it should, in synergy with the hardware. But above all the HMS Core is useful to developers, having access to APIs and services necessary for the creation of apps. Inside there are libraries dedicated to accounts, maps, messaging, gaming and so on.

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