Huawei Mate 30 Pro: Google services would still work

huawei mate 30 pro play store google services

The relationship between Huawei and Google has continued to tighten in recent months, especially with the launch of the series Huawei Mate 30. As it is starting to spread also in Europe, after collecting a big hit in China, L 'absence of Google services it is rather harmful. Western users may not want to opt for a device that is so expensive but "castrated" compared to the competition. Over the past few days we have seen one tick bizarre but simple procedure which allowed to bypass this block. However, this method was stuck in a mysterious way, with the site LZPlay which went offline and another block from Google.

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Google and Huawei Mate 30 Pro services: a difficult relationship

To cast even more mystery on this circumstance he thought of it Forbes, with statements of doubtful nature but which would again reverse the situation. According to reports, in fact, Google services would still work on Huawei Mate 30 Pro. However, it is not specified under what point of view, nor the procedure that would have been used to install them.

They probably refer to a phone unit on which they were installed before the above mentioned block, but not much clarity is made. Furthermore, it is pointed out that the problem of Google Pay is also linked to other Huawei phones normally certified by Google. For Forbes this would depend on the version of the EMUI: for example, too some units of P30 Pro they would be having such problems with the EMUI 10 beta. We will continue to monitor the matter and, if there are updates, we will not fail to report them to you.

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