Review Zeblaze VIBE 3S: just short of full enough

Zeblaze VIBE 3S

For some time now, the market has been completely invaded by smartband e SmartWatch. It is, in fact, a category of products that many users want to have with them, because they are a useful support for smartphone. Many of the functions contained in them, however, are also present within our common devices. Sometimes, however, some activities are not monitored exactly by telephones. Which is why some need to wear one of these devices on their wrist. In the bed of the different products that can be found on the market, find space also zeblaze. Specifically, today we will talk about Zeblaze VIBE 3S, within ours Full review.

Review Zeblaze VIBE 3S


Taking a look at the sales package, we see how the company logo and the product image reside on the front. On the back, then, there are some technical characteristics of the product. Inside, however, we find:

  • Zeblaze VIBE 3S;
  • brief instruction manual, also in Italian.

Design & Materials

Looking closely at this SmartWatch it is possible to understand, immediately, the soul of this product. If it were not clear, in fact, the same sales package bears the words "Sport Smart Watch", suggesting that this device is designed for a certain niche of people. From an aesthetic point of view, therefore, it offers rather generous dimensions, by measuring 50 x 50 x 14,8 mm, With a weight of 83,5 grams. Therefore, it is not one of the most comfortable products to wear on the wrist, especially since the last piece of data we mentioned penalizes the daily use a lot.

Zeblaze VIBE 3S

On the entire front we find a structure in zinc alloy, characterized by a finish that is really pleasant to the touch and also quite sharp. Overall, however, the structure seems to be well assembled in all its parts, also showing a series of visible screws on the same metal ring. Turning 180 ° the smartwatch, then, we see how on the back there is a plate of stainless steel not removable. Inside, in fact, there is all the equipment necessary for the operation of the product, including the button battery that gives energy to this Zeblaze VIBE 3S. As shown also on this element, then, this device has a certification IP67, which protects it from water up to a depth of 50 meters.

Zeblaze VIBE 3S

Obviously a product is also supplied on this product strap supplied, which in this case is already anchored to the central case. It could also be replaced if the need was felt, but it would need a special screwdriver to unscrew the two ends to which it is attached. Despite this, however, this unit is built in silicone and offers good comfort. However, during physical activity it is not the best solution by far, leaving the skin to breathe very little. In any case, it is a strap from 26mm and, at the end of my use, showed no signs of wear.


Unlike many other products in this category, this smartwatch does not have a common display. It is, in fact, a unity FSTN Full View from 1,24 diagonal inches, which obviously does not show colors on the screen. You will have to deal, therefore, with a fairly dated panel, which you probably have already seen in one of 50's many portable consoles years ago. This, however, on a product of this type could be convenient, having always available all the necessary information within a single screen. Therefore, against water, dust and mud, this aspect could be a winner.

Zeblaze VIBE 3S

In direct sunlight it is not easy to distinguish all the sections on the dial. Sometimes, in fact, the front glass reflects too much the external light, making it difficult to display the contents on the screen. This device is also equipped with a button that allows the display to light up for a few seconds. This function is absolutely essential in the ore night, where it would not be possible otherwise to see absolutely nothing.


Unfortunately the most precise technical data are contained within the official Comfit application. On it, in fact, in the section on user instructions, there is a PDF document which contains all the specifications, in detail. This app, however, has stopped working temporarily on any type of device, no longer allowing me to log in.

Despite this unforeseen event, a part of these technical features has been published in the instruction booklet. Thanks to it, therefore, we can confirm that a chipset is on board nRF51802, with connectivity Bluetooth 4.0. On Zeblaze VIBE 3S we also have a acceleration sensor at 3 axes, as well as a series of functions, just check from the chipset mounted on this device, which allow you to keep track of some of our activities.

From the performance point of view there is not much to say, as all the settings on the home screen are controlled by means of four keys present on both sides of the body. We cannot, therefore, express ourselves much on the fluidity and speed of the system, being very essential indeed. We will see in the next paragraph which functions are supported by the system but, to start with, it must be clear that on this sportwatch the recordable activities are reduced to the bone. Sull 'applicationin fact, it seems clear that it is only possible to keep track of common walks, running, treadmill and swimming. In reading the passivatedtherefore, we are not in the presence of one of the most precise products, although its surveys eventually diverge little from those of Amazfit Verge Lite, Mi Band 2 and Zeblaze NEO. From this point of view, therefore, we can consider ourselves more than satisfied. In fact, it must be taken into account that there is no heart rate sensor on this product. In terms of the collection of some data, therefore, it could have been useful.


Within this paragraph you will find more than anything an explanation of how you move within the various sections present on Zeblaze VIBE 3S. Even in the instruction booklet, in reality, there is a detailed explanation of this operation. Every key, in fact, it has its own specific function and, sometimes, a combination of them can activate or deactivate some options. Clicking on the Mode button, therefore, it is possible to scroll among the various activities available, including: number of steps, calorie consumption, distance distancea, setting the alarm, stopwatch, remote photography, call reminder e message reminder. Scrolling through these options, in the small box at the top right, the values ​​of the are shown individual activities. Everything is displayed, therefore, in a very simple and immediate way.

Zeblaze VIBE 3S

The moment one arrives notifies, or a call, in addition to hearing the sound of a buzzer for a few moments, on the clock the relative light flashes. This only indicates that a message or call was received at that time. Through the application, in fact, we can decide which apps to include in this service. With some key combinations, then, we have already said that it will be possible to carry out some operations, such as changing the alarm time, changing the time on the smartwatch and little else.


On this smartwatch we find a simple one button battery da 580 mAh. This unit is the CR2450 and should allow you to reach more easily than two years of autonomy. Since there is no indication of the state of charge of this same unit, therefore, we do not actually know whether it can reach this goal or not.


Zeblaze VIBE 3S is currently for sale on Banggood at about the price 26 €. If I had to choose which product to buy in this area, however, I would not consider this device. Despite the fairly limited display, which for some might even be more useful than many others, this smartwatch has few features. It is not supported, then, by a reliable application. In the moment in which I am writing, in fact, it is still impossible for me to log in to it.

Currently on the market you can find even better. In fact, within Zeblaze itself, we have recently reviewed the NEO. In many respects, therefore, that device is better than this.

In case you are interested in buying, I invite you to click on the link below and follow us, if necessary, also on our channel our channel BangGood Italy. If you need help, sign up to our group per rivres H24 support.